December 8, 2023

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The SUS Ombudsman receives the Institutional Accreditation Certification from Fiocruz

The SUS Ombudsman receives the Institutional Accreditation Certification from Fiocruz

On Wednesday (6), at the headquarters of the Department of Health (Center), the SUS Ombudsman in Maceió received a Certificate of Participation in the institutional accreditation process for SUS Ombudsmen. The recognition is due to the fact that Ombudsman Maceo is the first of 24 Ombudsmen in the country to complete all stages of the process leading to the award of the institutional seal of accreditation. The initiative is a partnership between the Osvaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz), the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), the National Council of Health Trustees (Conass) and the National Council of Municipal Health Trustees (Conasems).

Fernando Bessa, researcher at Fiocruz and coordinator of the institutional accreditation project, highlights the fact that Maceo was the first ombudsman involved in the process to implement all steps is a catalyst for other entities. “This result demonstrates the efficiency and excellence of the service provided by the Maceio Ombudsman. We work with 24 state and municipal Ombudsmen and hospitals throughout Brazil, and Maceo has taken the lead and completed the self-assessment, external evaluation and accreditation itself”, he highlights.

The SUS Ombudsman in Maceió has been recognized by the Ministry of Health as one of the most successful ombudsman experiments in the country. The agency has made a difference in the municipality, strengthening its role as one of the main channels of communication between citizens and the Public Health Department. Institutional accreditation aims to integrate the Ombudsman into a system with high quality standards to be a reference in performance and decision.

Josen Moreira, SUS Ombudsman, talks about her passion for receiving this recognition. “It was not an easy process, there was a lot of confrontation, but it is great to be able to get this certificate which is not only respect for Ombudsman Maceió but all of Brazil, which are important channels of communication with users. We are the first to get This approval in Brazil, we are very happy,” he celebrates.

Josen Moreira, SUS Ombudsman. Photo: Marilia Ferreira / SMS

Administrative support

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Health Minister Maceo Celia Fernandez celebrates the municipality’s achievement. “When the Ombudsman team came to me, I accepted the challenge, because I knew how efficient and quality the work was that was being developed. We are changing health, because we love people, we believe in people and we have professionals who are involved in improving care for the population. This certification is just the beginning and I am very excited about this recognition that It was awarded to our municipality,” highlights the secretary.

Celia Fernandez.  Health Minister Maceo.  Photo: Victor Verkant / SMS
Celia Fernandez. Health Minister Maceo. Photo: Victor Verkant / SMS

Towards the seal of approval

The seal of approval will be granted by the end of 2022, and since the Maceo Ombudsman was the first to complete the process, the certification is a tribute to its effectiveness. An official seal handover ceremony is scheduled to take place in Rio de Janeiro with the participation of all SUS Ombudsmen involved in the process.

About the SUS Ombudsman in Maceió

The Office of the SUS Ombudsman was established in Maceió on February 8, 2005, and underwent a long period of regulation until it became official by Order No. 009, in December 2006. Since then, the sector has been strengthening its mission, encouraging the reception of users’ complaints, complaints and supplements and requests and suggestions related to the services provided by the SUS network in the municipality, drawing the attention of technical areas and competent bodies to this information, eliminating bureaucracy and ensuring speedy response to these manifestations.