October 2, 2023

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Memphis gets 55 points, beats warriors and breathes in series |  NBA

Memphis gets 55 points, beats warriors and breathes in series | NBA

The Memphis Grizzlies needed two and a half quarters to ruthlessly crush the Golden State Warriors and send coach Mike Brown off the field. After opening 55 points at the end of the third inning, the team won 134-95 Wednesday night in Memphis and survived the Western Conference semifinals. With a score of 3-2, the series returns to San Francisco on Friday.

The trio of Yarren Jackson Jr., Desmond Payne and Teos Jones – point guards Replacing the injured Ja Morant In the last two games – scored 21 points each. Nobody needs to play more than 25 minutes. Four other members of the Grizzlies scored in double digits. On the other hand, Klay Thompson scored 19 points. Stephen Curry, 14. Jonathan Kominga scored 17 goals, but most of them when the game is over and reserve on the field.

Best Moment: Memphis Grizzlies 134 x 95 Golden State Warriors – NBA

The Warriors were already coming off Game 4 badly offensively, even with the comeback triumph at the last minute. This Wednesday, however, neither defense nor attack from the second quarter. The team entered the second half with a score of 77 to 50 on the scoreboard. 77 points was the second worst mark in franchise history in the first half of the playoff.

Garen Jackson Jr. celebrates (Photo: Andy Lyons / Getty Images .)

Garen Jackson Jr. (21 points, 8 deductions, 4 baskets of three)
Desmond Bunny (21 points, 4 baskets of three)
Tyus Jones (21 points, 9 points, 4 baskets of three)
Stephen Adams (7 points, 13 res).

the Warriors
Klay Thompson (19 points)
Stephen Curry (14 points, 4 points)
Jonathan Cominga (17 points)

Stephen Curry regrets defeat – Photo: Andy Lyons / Getty Images

37- Masoud
Warriors 22

Grizzlies 9
Warriors 22

Points resulting from transformations
29- Masoud
Warriors 10

Memphis Grizzlies vs Golden State Warriors NBA – Photo: Joe Rondon-USA Today Sports

points in the bottle
50- Masoud
Warriors 36

Second Chance Points
24- Masoud
warriors 5

Transfer points
warriors 9

field shots
Grizzlies 47/99 (47.5%)
Warriors 36/80 (45%)

three shots
Grizzlies 18/41 (43.9%)
Warriors 14/39 (35.9%)

free throws
Grizzlies 22/30 (73.3%)
Warriors 9/13 (69.2%)

Scoring chart – Photo: NBA

Second period – Grizzlies 39 to 22The 77 points allowed in the first half was the second worst mark in the history of a Warriors game. All numbers are superlatives. It was 14 turns to 3. They made 25 points for Memphis for 7. In the paint, 36-14, in offensive rebound, 13-2, in second chance points, 14-0.

Memphis Grizzlies vs Golden State Warriors NBA – Photo: Joe Rondon-USA Today Sports

There were 18 more shots for Memphis in total (57-39). The host team managed 22 assists in 29 field baskets. Five Grizzlies players scored in double digits. In Warriors, only Curry (14) and Thompson (17). Score from 77 to 50 at rest.

Third period – Grizzlies from 42 to 17: Coach Mike Brown started pulling off the start in the middle of the third quarter, when the score showed a 40-point advantage for the home team. in the end, Score from 119 to 67.

Fourth Period – Warriors from 28 to 15: With reserves in court, Golden State reduced the humiliation a bit in the last quarter. The red flag is on for Game 6, and Grizzlies’ spirits are soaring with hit-and-run.