November 30, 2023

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Menon: "Victory over sporting secrets keeps Sao Paulo in Serie A" - 28/11/2021

Menon: “Victory over sporting secrets keeps Sao Paulo in Serie A” – 28/11/2021

Terrain. This is how Sao Paulo fans feel after Tricolor 2-0 victory over Sport, this Saturday (27), in Morumbi. The result left Sao Paulo in very favorable conditions in their battle to escape relegation in Brazil. The risk of relegation to the second division is still present, but it has become less with three matches remaining.

employment Live from Sao Paulo, a program UOL Sports After the Tricolor matches, reporters Bruno Grossi and Menon talked about the team’s situation after the victory over Sport. Both admitted that São Paulo had taken a big step to save itself from the controversy.

Sao Paulo scored 45 points, five times more than Juventud, the first Z-4 team and has a game in hand. For Menon, the victory over Pernambuco practically determines the survival of Tricolor in the first division.

“This win could remove the chance of relegation down to 1%, 0.5%. A point or two in the last three games confirms that Sao Paulo remains in the first division. Sao Paulo has rarely been in the Z-4. It was always there, but it couldn’t. Columnist at UOL.

Among the brazilian bullshit, Grossi mentioned the stumbling block in São Paulo in Morumbi. These points will be enough not only to get the team out of the current dangerous situation, but also to put it in a position to compete for a place in the Editors. “If you remember the stumbles experienced by teams that moved to Serie A, in particular Chapecoense The Coyaba. If I had won at home, I would have had another four points, with a score of 49, and I could even dream of playing Libertadores,” he added.

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Menon confirmed that the tricolor left his fans anxious in the first half. “Today [ontem]This win was very important and came in the second half. In the first match, São Paulo controlled kicks a lot, but there was a lot of wasting when, with a wrong pass, he decided to take a wrong shot. He improved a lot with the entry of Benitez,” according to his analysis, citing the entry of the midfielder in place of Vitor Bueno.

Grossi confirmed that Tricolor again encountered problems when completing her game on goal. “Benitez again entered the final in a row from the Brazilians. He helped the first goal. We saw the first half similar to what happened in the other matches in Morumbi, especially in the last quarter against Atlético. Sao Paulo had size, decisiveness, but with a very bad offensive end. : Either with bad endings or moves where Sao Paulo couldn’t finish the move. The team seems too nervous to finish the moves,” he noted.

For Menon, with the first division virtually guaranteed, the Tricolor board should be up and running as quickly as possible in planning for 2022. “I’m out 99.9% and you have to start thinking about next year. It shows a more reliable team. I don’t think That São Paulo will oppose titles like the Libertadores in the next few years. In Brazil, since it is long, if you create a competitive and well-assembled team, it can come. You have to think now, from now in the “concluded.

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