May 28, 2024

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Microsoft offers Game Pass for free on PC for those who've played Forza, Halo, or Age of Empires 4

Microsoft offers Game Pass for free on PC for those who’ve played Forza, Halo, or Age of Empires 4

The offer guarantees access to the service for three months without having to pay anything for it.

PC gamers who enjoyed titles like infinite auraAnd Forza Horizon 5 or age of empires 4 You can guarantee it until February 28 Three months free subscription Xbox Game Pass for the platform. For this, in addition to respecting the specified date, it is essential that the accounts used at any time are not part of the subscription scheme.

According to the company, the initiative is A way to show some kind of appreciation to the players who supported their studios. While all of the games listed – which include the free-to-play part of Halo Infinite – are on the subscription system, they can also be purchased from the Play Store. X-Box or not steam.

To see if you can take advantage of the offer – which only includes PC Game Pass – simply Access and login to the official website of service. It is worth noting that although subscribers to the service for consoles can enjoy the three months, The same does not apply to those who have previously used Game Pass Ultimateeven if only to play on Xbox.

Subscription can continue after 3 months

Microsoft explains that at the end of the three free months, Consumer subscription will renew automatically, unless you turn off the recurring snakes function. Recently, both the company and names like nintendo And Sony I vowed to be more transparent in the way they deal with the renewal of their subscriptions.

In January this year, Microsoft revealed that There are already more than 25 million active subscriptions to Game Pass in its three formats. The system exists in variations of the consoles X-Boxto PRAÇA And in the version climaxwhich combines the previous options and still offers advantages Xbox Live Gold.

– Continues after announcement –

the basic service attraction is to provide access to More than 100 games – Including all titles Xbox Game Studios When it is launched – at an affordable price. In addition to offering rewards for subscribing to other services such as spotify it’s the Crunchy RollMicrosoft is also studying Bring other future improvements to your offera, which should include a new system of family plans.


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