May 30, 2024

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Microsoft wants to introduce the metaverse with 3D avatars in Teams |  Downloads

Microsoft wants to introduce the metaverse with 3D avatars in Teams | Downloads

It seems that the future of human communication is taking on new features after the great Facebook ad (now dead) last week. This Tuesday was my turn Microsoft Announcing the arrival of 3D avatars to difference, which is a step towards the development of the metaverse company. This way, users will be able to set up remote meetings that include virtual personalities to replace the traditional use of a camera. Announced during the Ignite 2021 event.

According to the site Take CrunchLater, Avatars integrate the feature called Mesh for Teams, which is designed to deliver work environments in virtual and augmented reality, not only to meeting software, but also to the company’s other productivity tools, later.

Microsoft Teams will hold virtual meetings in 3D environments – Photo: Disclosure / Microsoft

To access the tool, the user can use a smartphone, third-party VR glasses, or HoloLensMicrosoft Mixed Reality device. According to John Roach, chief technology officer of the company’s digital services division, the feature is “designed to make online meetings more personal, engaging, and fun.”

This way, as the official released images indicate, a Teams user will be able to hold a meeting in a fully 3D virtual environment or appear in a traditional camera meeting with their avatar, rather than their own, while others interact normally.

At this first moment, the avatar can borrow the participant’s voice and react to the same mouth movements as the person speaking. In the future, Microsoft wants to use the camera so that the drawing can repeat head movements, while also following the user’s facial expressions.

Today’s show made it clear that Microsoft’s proposal is to create its own metaverse. “Think of the metaverse as a new version – or vision – of the Internet, where people come together to connect, collaborate, and share with virtually any device,” Roach concluded.

with information from Take Crunch