May 30, 2024

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Miguel Jose describes being imprisoned in a court of law

Locked in a cell 27 degrees long and 7 feet wide, with no ventilation or windows, the temperature rose to 40 degrees, where they took a nap, thus obtaining a “small draft of air” filtered through the door bars, in the case of the scandal revealed after the so-called “Operation Medusa” Miguel Jose Moya described his nights in prison with seven people involved.

“It was a very dramatic prison experience,” Moya said. In an interview with the morning radio show El Sol de la Masana aired by Joel 106.5, he said, “You have 7 different personalities, different personalities and people who behave differently in that environment.”

Showing confidence, Jose Moya thanked everyone who was in the cell with him, one by one, accepting the reality of their lives, including former lawyer Rodriguez, who was the only one with whom he had previously been in contact.

“Understanding that you are a prisoner and being a prisoner means that we must accept the limitations of this situation with dignity and take this experience for granted,” he declared.

For more than two weeks, former attorney Jean-Alain Rodriguez, along with former accountant Rafael Antonio Mercedes Martே and former finance director Alfredo Alexander Solano Augusto, were jailed in front of Ciudad Nueva.

Technical Director Javier Alejandro Fortesa Ibra was also present; Jonathan Josel Rodriguez Impert, Managing Director; Project Manager Jenny Marte Pena and Altacracia Gillan Calzado, Deputy Director of Management and Finance.

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