May 19, 2024

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Keiko Fujimori: “I hope all adults know how to make a good decision and vote without fear.”

With Keiko Fujimori, her husband Mark Witto and her brother Kenji

Fursa Popular candidate Keiko Fujimori had breakfast in San Juan de Luriancho. “Don’t be afraid in the face of uncertainty. I hope all adults know how to make a good decision. “, Said the candidate. “Peru is very polarizing for the election and we have to work for unity starting tomorrow,” he added.

“My message goes to all Peruvians and I want to acknowledge our commitment to respecting the will of the people. Voters will decide whether I want to serve as president or as a simple citizen,” Fujimori told reporters.

Famous force candidate Went for breakfast at a human settlement in the San Juan de Lurianzo district east of Lima, accompanied by her husband Mark Witto, her two daughters and her brothers Kenji and Sachi for the second campaign round.

“Beyond the two years of contradictions and contradictions, I am so glad we are here together, able to deliver this message of unity and harmony that the country needs,” Fujimori told his brother and sat down at the table with him. “Working for the development of our country will always be an honor,” said the candidate running for the presidency of Peru for the third time.

Fujimori also thanked the players of the Peruvian football team for expressing support for his candidacy on social networks.. “I would like to send my congratulations to the boys of the national team. When you work together you can achieve basic results, go beyond this beginning and turn the qualification process around. They know we will always carry them in our hearts,” he said of the defeat against Colombia in Lima.

Candidate Point Pedro Castillo had breakfast with his family in front of the press in Cajamarca
Candidate Point Castillo had breakfast with his family in front of the press in Cajamarca

Costello, a native of Cajamarca, called for “common sense and peace.” “I hope this party will be completely democratic,” he said. “I call on the Peruvian people for common sense, and thank you for giving us the opportunity in this Democratic Party. Today, after all, Peru is winning, and above all, no one should back down, ”the candidate told the media.

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Wearing his traditional straw hat with a wide brim, along with his family (wife, children, parents, nephews and many of his brothers), Castillo was calm and content to participate in this election, and was “comfortable and happy” with the process.

He took advantage of his brief speech, inviting each of his teammates to address the day for “maturity” as well as apologizing for the “objections, problems and words” uttered during the campaign. Injury to someone or open vulnerabilities ”.

At the table, there was a regular breakfast of bread, tamales, eggs from the candidate’s chicken and chicken broth, among other things, Castillo said the ceremony was to “share loyalty, dignity and especially” with those most in need. “It saddens me to find abandoned children and families with nothing to share in my walk, but whatever the outcome today, we will all try to rescue those families and leave personal interests behind,” he said.

“This breakfast is a gesture of loyalty and dignity, but it’s a gesture of sharing and I want to tell you, I’m so sad to find abandoned children in my bustle, families without bread. To share, unidentified families, but today, facing twenty years “Whatever the outcome, we need to tell you that we will all win the effort to rescue those families,” said the left-wing candidate.

Total 25.2 million voters are coming to vote this Sunday for Peru’s next president. Unlike the first round of elections on April 11, the establishment of polling stations in charge of polling members continues normally and without the delays announced on the previous date.

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In Lima, interim President Francisco Sagasti was one of the first officials to vote at the start of the election campaign. After the vote, Sagasti citizens should come to “vote peacefully” and be aware that voting is “the right and important responsibility to strengthen democracy”.

The Office of National Electoral Processes (ONPE) has asked younger voters to come quickly to set up a voter schedule so that elections are held in the absence of elected polling staff for that job.

Citizens who complete the task of casting ballots until 7:00 pm at the end of the day will receive an incentive of 120 feet ($ 30).

After the close of the polls, members of the polling station will count the votes in the presence of representatives of both parties, and provide them with complete ballot papers to one of the decentralized offices of ONPE.

ONPE leader Piero Corvette has announced that the first official report on voting will be released this Sunday at 11:30 pm, as election records are coming to counting centers.

In that regard, he reiterated the call of the executive authorities to wait quietly for the official results, as the purpose of voting surveys have shown that both applicants have a virtual technical relationship in options.

Castillo of the left-wing Peruvian Libre party will vote in his own Cajamarca and then travel to Lima, where he will wait for official results, while right-wing Fujimori will vote in the afternoon in the Peruvian capital where he lives.

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