June 20, 2024

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Milan coach proposes a strange change in the rules of football to make the game "more offensive";  see any

Milan coach proposes a strange change in the rules of football to make the game “more offensive”; see any

Technical MilanStefano Pioli defends some important changes to some of the rules of football. At a press conference before The Rossoneri beat Spezia 2-1 on SaturdayThe coach took a question to talk about the changes he would make in the sport.

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The main change Pioli advocated has to do with a base already used in basketball. The coach defends the team’s inability to return the ball to the defensive playing field after advancing into the attacking midfield.

“Since we love offensive football, I will prove that once you cross your field, it will not be possible to touch the ball again,” the Rossoneri coach argued.

The rule is used in basketball, a sport in which a team loses possession of the ball if it returns to the backcourt after crossing the middle line. In addition, the team has 8 seconds to advance to the front zone.

Pioli also advocated two other changes to the football rule: calculating time based only on dribbling and adopting a timeout in the first stage.

The Italian also said he was in favor of keeping the five substitutes, a measure adopted during the 2019-20 season.

“The five changes are very important to me. Since they have increased the reserve banks to 12 players, it would be a sin to carry on with only three substitutions.”

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By defeating Spezia on Saturday, Milan Di Pioli temporarily took over the Italian championship. To maintain the edge, Milan team rooted against Napleswhich faces Cagliari This Sunday (26), at 15:45 (GMT), with dispatch He lives By ESPN on Star +.