June 21, 2024

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Estradas da região podem ser fechadas a qualquer momento para a passagem dos caranguejos

Millions of cannibal crabs make annual trip to the sea – News

More than 50 million red crabs, cannibals, began their famous unrestricted hike towards the ocean. The mesmerizing natural phenomenon is Registered annually on Christmas Island, in Western Australia, when crustaceans leave the forest towards the sea to breed.

This event is one of the The largest animal migration And it requires certain preparations, such as the construction of bridges and roads, to ensure its safety. Houses, roads, scenes: Crustaceans – species Gecarcoidea natalis – Go above and beyond to complete the mission of perpetuating their species.

Tourists and managers of the natural park based on the island ponder, In love, roaming animals.

The Australian National Parks Department has released a video showing the complexity and scale of this bizarre natural event.

Doctor. This is the largest such migration recorded at the site since 2005, Tanya Dito, one of the island’s parks coordinator, told the Daily Mail.

“It was great to see them get away from the traffic and get there [no oceano] safely,” noting that the methods change a little each year, which is an additional challenge for researchers trying to make crustaceans safe.

It all starts with the first rains of the rainy season at the end of the year, between October and November. Precipitation begins male preparations who begin March and find the female Halfway through, which begins the reproductive process.

Biologists say that ovulation – which is influenced by the phase of the moon – usually occurs in late November. Each female releases about 100,000 eggs into the ocean during approximately six migration nights.

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After a month or so, the little ones will take the opposite route to take shelter in the woods. Obviously, only those who survived, because most of the eggs would serve as food for the fish, the stingrays And whale sharks.

This is where cannibalism comes in: to celebrate the success of the spawning period, males also devour their offspring.

In other words: many species are interested in crab walking.

Although there are a large number of crabs on the island, the species faces an insatiable predator: the crazy yellow ants, accidentally introduced to the island. According to studies, they may have devoured about 40 million red crabs in recent years. Remember below!