June 20, 2024

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Misdiagnosis of cancer leads to a woman's leg amputation after chemotherapy

Misdiagnosis of cancer leads to a woman’s leg amputation after chemotherapy

A Mexican woman has been misdiagnosed cancer After undergoing 30 unnecessary chemotherapy sessions, he had to have one of his legs amputated. The case took place at the General Hospital of District 50 of the Mexican Institute for the Provision of Social Services (IMSS) in San Luis Potosi, in Mexico.

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As a result of the chemotherapy sessions, the woman developed a massive mass that required amputation of a leg and part of the frame. According to information from Noticieros Televisa, doctors said the woman had cancer that was so severe and inoperable that she only had six months to live.

It turned out that the treatment carried out significantly deteriorated the patient’s health. The adenoma, which initially measured two centimeters, grew to 10 kilograms.

Understand how the misdiagnosis was given

The story began in April 2017, when the woman went to the hospital with severe cramping and severe pain in her legs. Doctors considered, without performing any tests, that the pain was caused by pressure on the sciatic nerve.

After 4 months of treatment and without any improvement, the patient returned to the hospital. This time she was diagnosed with untreated cancer. She underwent 30 chemotherapy sessions lasting six months. In May 2018, she decided to ask for a second medical opinion, and a new test revealed the truth: The doctors were wrong in the diagnosis, and the woman never had cancer.

The victim denounced the National Human Rights Committee in November 2018. The commission issued a memorandum of recommendation and posted it on Twitter at 1July 2022.

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