September 22, 2023

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ANS suspends sale of 12 health plans after consumer complaint - 16/03/2022 - Panel SA

I was kicked out of my health plan – 07/05/2022 – Opinion

I speak as a member of an individualized health plan. In this case, I received a compensation of more than 100% at the age of 60. Aging, age discrimination? What is the objective basis for bias correction? Contract? I purchased an individual plan 29 years ago. Today I am old. Old? Better not have it.

There was a negative adjustment in the last period, which is decided by the ANS (National Supplementary Health Agency); 8.1% reduction In light of the decrease in operators’ expenses due to the epidemic. Of course, money has been pouring into companies and healthcare expenditures have fallen dramatically. Health plans have acquired myths. Reputable cardiologists were left reeling, like all other specialties (without exception); Customers, at no cost to the operator, but pay the plans royally.

Brazilian business has entered a crisis in the epidemic, and health plans have not! They had morbid obesity in their chests. The pandemic has been beneficial to them. Elderly isolation at home has been described. People died at home and did not use health insurance. I was confined from 72 to 74 years old. Could the revered negative adjustment of 8.1% be 15%, 20% or more? It is known that policyholders’ withdrawal from plans due to default remains massive, and the profitability of plans is booming. Eight million policyholders live within this single family system.

According to the IPEA (Institute for Applied Economic Research), in the technical note “health insurance market performance2014-2018)The health plan companies generated profits of R$192.1 billion in 2018. In 2014, the sector’s total revenue was R$123.8 billion, with a growth in value during the period, despite a decrease of about 3.3 million in the number of users, which decreased from 50.5 million , in 2014, to 47.2 million, in 2018. In this period, the net profit per capita in the health plans market more than doubled, taking into account the update of fixed values ​​in 2018, from 75.7 reais in 2014 to 185.8 reais in 2018 and the same Meaning, the total net income of this market also more than doubled in real terms in the period – from R$3.825 billion to R$8.755 billion.

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Meanwhile, the claims rate — the ratio of health care expenses to revenue — fell from 0.850 to 0.832 in the same period. “Given the decrease in the accident rate and the increase in profitability, it can be said that the operators of medical hospital plans have provided remarkable results in the face of the stagnation of the Brazilian economy.”

I am a retired insured bound in contractual handcuffs for expulsion. The ANS uses two reset indicators: IVDA (Indicator of Value of Assistance Expenditures) and IPCA (Extended Consumer Price Index), with weights of 80% and 20%, respectively. What does this IVDA indicator consist of? I discuss the concept that seniors are fired on the assumption that they become claims, given that they have paid for the assistance guarantee and are living in a period of diminishing earnings.

I can say that the ANS modifications are inscribed on my tombstone. Every unreasonable adjustment is a prerequisite for the health of the elderly. Is there anyone interested? Individual and family health plans remained until 15.5% more expensiveANS decided. Biggest increase in 22 years.

Hamlet, in the first act of the play by Shakespeare, an omen that there is something dark lurking, came up with the famous phrase: “There is something rotten in the kingdom of Denmark.” Kicked out of my health plan!

This is the feeling of the programmed retired insured. Three decades later, I will be without medical care. My health plan works like Nosferatu, and ANS gives you shelter. The rest is silence – as Hamlet said.

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