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Moji das Cruzes will begin vaccinating the elderly against influenza next Tuesday

Moji das Cruzes will begin vaccinating the elderly against influenza next Tuesday

The city of Mogi das Cruzes will begin, next Tuesday (29), the national campaign for influenza vaccination. The first phase of the campaign runs from March 29 to April 30 and targets the elderly and health professionals.

Older people who need a Covid-19 vaccine — a fourth dose or another — can receive it with the flu shot, as long as they provide previous evidence of vaccination against the new coronavirus.

From Tuesday, the vaccination will also be available to staff of hospitals, emergency care, health centers, Cure and Samu. As it happens every year, in these cases, the doses are directed to the units for application on the premises.

The Municipal Health Department has developed a strategy for influenza vaccination without the need for prior scheduling, distributing care for the elderly by age group. The goal, according to the file, is to organize immunization without long waiting periods or clumps of units, given the extensive work of applying doses against Covid-19. The dose will be available at all health centers and units of the Family Health Strategy.

People with moderate to severe acute illness, fever or suspected symptoms of Covid-19 should postpone vaccination. Other precautions that require evaluation by a nurse or doctor are a history of severe egg allergy or severe allergy to previous doses of the flu vaccine.

To receive the dose, the elderly person must carry an identification document; Routine vaccination brochure and vaccination card for Covd-19 vaccine doses, along with proof of address. No break is necessary for the elderly who have already received a vaccine against Covid-19 in the past few days.

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The free influenza vaccine will be available upon request on some dates on the Pró-Hiper drive, with entry by car via Avenida Cívica or on foot via Avenida Prefeito Carlos Ferreira Lopes. See all dates below:

Influenza vaccination calendar


  • From 29/03: 80 years and over
  • From 04/04: 75 years and over
  • From 08/04: 70 years and over
  • From 14/04: 65 years and over
  • From 22/04: 60 years and over

health professionals

From March 29 to April 14:

  • Hospital workers, emergency care, municipal health units and Cure/Samo Center. Availability of the vaccine exclusively in the workplace.

From April 18:

  • Assisting health professionals from other institutions in health centers, upon presentation of the professional record.

Free on-demand flu vaccine at Pro Hyper:

  • 03/29: 80 years and over
  • 01/04: 80 years and over
  • 04/04: 75 years and over
  • 04/08: 70 years and over
  • 11/04: 70 years and over
  • 04/14: 65 years and over
  • 04/18: 65 years and over
  • 04/22: 60 years and over
  • 04/23: 60 years and over
  • 04/25: 60 years and over

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