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What food that prevents breast cancer?

What food that prevents breast cancer?

What prevents food breast cancer? We know they don’t exist.” Superfoods That is, there are no products that have superpowers. This word is another way to highlight the benefits of some within a file Healthy food .

But there is one that can boast of having such excellent nutritional qualities that it is believed that it can protect against diseases such as breast cancer.

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We are talking of oil . It was analyzed in a clinical trial and it was concluded that it has a protective effect against this oncological disease.

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Olive oil in particular Extra virgin olive oil It is a food rich in monounsaturated fatty acids (mainly oleic acid), Antioxidants polyphenols, vitamins such as A, D, E and K, and other anti-inflammatory phenolic components.

Olive oil and breast cancer

The work has been published in the prestigious European Journal of Clinical Nutrition (EJCN). This is a peer-reviewed study, that is, before it was published, it was scrutinized by other experts in the field. suggest that Consumption of cooked and raw virgin olive oil It has a protective effect against breast cancer.

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These data come from a sub-analysis of the EpiGEICAM Epidemiological Study on the relationship between lifestyle and breast cancer risk, promoted by the GEICAM Research Breast Cancer Group (GEICAM), and conducted by researchers from the Carlos III Health Institute of the Biomedical Research Consortium at the Epidemiology and Public Health Network. (CIBERESP), affiliated with the Autonomous University of Madrid and GEICAM, in cooperation with the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC) in its financing.

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With the results of this study, we confirm that the moderate consumption of virgin olive oil Associated with a lower incidence of breast cancer . Although with this epidemiological sub-analysis we do not attempt to explore the reasons for this benefit, the scientific literature shows us that this food It contains substances that have a protective effect against this tumor Much of it was lost during the oil refining process,” says Dr. Marina Polan, Director of the National Center for Epidemiology at Carlos III Health Institute (CNE-ISCIII), co-coordinator of the GEICAM Working Group on Preventive Therapeutics, Epidemiology, and Familial Genetic Cancer and Member of the GEICAM Board of Directors.

Do other healthy fats have the same protection?

This new analysis from the EpiGEICAM study also looked at other types of fat, such as those in sunflower oil, corn, soybeans, margarine and butter, in the diets of two groups of women with and without breast cancer. From the results obtained, it is noted that the consumption of virgin olive oil for seasoning, frying or cooking is added to eating two tablespoons raw (in salads or with vegetables), Reduces the risk of breast cancer by 28% .

The suggestion that can be drawn from the results of this sub-analysis is that the intake of virgin olive oil, especially in salad or vegetables has a protective effect against breast cancer, but its consumption cannot be excessive, because other studies link high calorie intake with an increased risk of breast cancer.

Another medical study confirms

The EpiGEICAM data published in the EJCN are consistent with those of a clinical trial coordinated by the University of Navarra within the framework of the multicenter study PREDIMED (Prevention with Mediterranean Diet) and the Network for Biomedical Research Center – Obesity and Obesity Pathology. CIBEROBN Nutrition, affiliated with the Carlos III Health Institute. This work has already shown that Mediterranean diet Reduces the risk of breast cancer by two thirds.

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In the EpiGEICAM study, cases and controls, which aimed to investigate the role of reproductive and lifestyle factors, including type of diet and alcohol consumption, in the development of breast cancer in Spain, 1017 women who had recently been diagnosed with this disease participated. type of cancer and 1,017 women without the disease.

“Thanks to the EpiGEICAM study, one of the largest epidemiological studies on breast cancer conducted in Spain, we are helping to provide valuable information about The relationship between lifestyle and risk of developing this diseasewhich will undoubtedly help us to support policies to prevent and reduce the incidence of this cancer, of which approximately 30,000 new cases are diagnosed every year in our country”, says Dr. Miguel Martin, President of GEICAM.

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