May 28, 2024

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Mosonzinho says he was told to avoid Nego do Borel TV News

Mosonzinho says he was told to avoid Nego do Borel TV News

Mosonzinho Supposedly he was instructed by his team to avoid talking to him Nego do Borel in a Farm 2021. at the expense of Accused of assaulting his ex-fiancée, Duda RaisFunkeiro entered the reality show with “The Dirty Record”.

During a Thursday night conversation (16), Tate Brix Shack And Mussunzinho complained about the way Nego was treated in situations outside of the reality show. The singer, once again, criticized Funkeiro’s lack of interest in not responding to her on social media.

“He never gave me a degree abroad: morally, to follow me. I took three pictures with him, posted them on my Instagram, and he never liked it,” she said.

Mosonzinho also mentioned that the artist had already ignored his presence at a carnival party and revealed his team’s request not to approach Nego while he was staying at the reality show headquarters.

“When I came here, they gave me a chat, and said, ‘It didn’t come close [dele]. I heard the idea, but I really think a human has the benefit of the doubt. [Aqui] You treated me well, quite differently from the situation I was in at the samba school, and I went through it, and I wouldn’t have talked to you about it, but it’s good for us to exchange an idea.”

Nego stated in his defense that he is trying to become a better person and that he joined Record to evolve. Even Funkeiro asked for Tate’s pardon.

“I think she’s sad about the situation that happened,” he said. “I’m not sad, I just wanted to tell you that you never treated me this way [que está me tratando aqui]“Sorry. I messed up like hell, I make mistakes, and I want to change, like everyone else here.”

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Check out an excerpt from the conversation:

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