September 22, 2023

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Mother names her son 'Lucifer' and gets hateful news and criticism in the UK - world

Mother names her son ‘Lucifer’ and gets hateful news and criticism in the UK – world

Englishman Josie King, 27, attracted the attention of the city Plymouth, In the United Kingdom, after birth Son. By participating in a show BBC Was the theme of baby names, he shared his ‘bizarre’ choice for his son’s name and received disgusting reviews. Lucifer is the name chosen by the baby’s mother.

In an interview with the British Portal Devon Live, The young mother, when naming her seven-month-old son, said she was not inspired by Satan. “No inspiration for the name. I’ve seen a lot of children’s books. I like unusual names. I don’t like standard names.”

Before she finds out she is pregnant with a baby boy, Josie reveals that she has an unusual name for a daughter in mind. “Before I believed I was expecting a girl, I decided to name her Narnia, but I found out she was pregnant with a baby boy.”

In one more interview, Josie said the names are based on personality and cultural relationships. “I like names inspired by things I like or I think they are beautiful, but it may not be right for others,” he says.

In addition to the meaningful comments on the internet, the young mother also received criticism from family members regarding her son’s name. “You can not call him that, ‘some family members say, but I said I’m not religious. They know how I am, and I want to be unique,” he said.

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