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Where to Play Bingo in Colorado

Though Colorado is likely best known for its gorgeous landscapes and wildlife, it also boasts a reputation for being a progressive paradise with super liberal laws. These somewhat stretch into the gambling realm, as legalized betting fun has been happening in the Centennial State since the mid-20th century. Its horse racing industry got up and running in the 1950s, and lotteries started in 1982. Though, casino-style gaming venues are only permitted to operate in Cripple Creek, Central City, and Black Hawk. That said, Colorado charities are free to host games of chance if their proceeds go to well-meaning organizations, and no one commercial entity profits from these gambling activities.

When it comes to communal lotto-like draws, bingo is king. It morphed into its current-day form in the late-1920s and started to gain steam worldwide following the 1960s. The appeal of bingo is that it is a game of probability that involves no skill, facilitating heavy doses of social interaction in vast halls. However, anyone can also play from home on the internet these days. Despite its reputation as a dull game favored by the elderly, make no mistake about it, bingo can not only bring similar thrills to slot gameplay and blackjack, but it can too supply some mouth-watering prizes. Anyone willing to test their luck with this gaming option in Colorado can do so at the following terrific venues. 

Bingo Casino – Pueblo

The Bingo Casino, on 4109 Club Manor Drive in Pueblo, is undoubtedly one of the most visited bingo halls in Colorado. It is a family-owned and operated business, where all the games get sponsored by local not-for-profit organizations. Games here occur every day, usually from 12 30 PM to 7 PM. The venue also offers homemade meals at low costs and affordable drink service.

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Bingo World – Colorado Springs

Bingo World, located on 272 S Academy Blvd in Colorado Springs, believes it is the premier bingo hall in this home-rule municipality. It runs games seven days a week, with multiple sessions per day. The unique thing about this place is that it is not unusual for the events held here to supply jackpot prizes. Many Colorado Springs organizations choose to host their bingo draws here, including the Military Order of the Purple Heart and Colorado Thunder. Know that venue doors open at noon for most events, with card packs starting at $5. However, that can range depending on the host.

Barry’s Bingo – Denver

Found on Federal Boulevard in Denver, Barry’s Bingo is another family-owned hall that launched its operation in 1993. It is the first custom-built hall of its kind in the state, one that prides itself on the friendliness of its staff and the cleanliness of the venue itself. Except for Tuesdays, doors at Barry’s open at 10 AM, and they close at 11 PM. Usually, games here run in intervals of three hours here. That is merely a rule of thumb and not a practice set in stone. The attractiveness of this spot stems from its frequent diverse promotions, and that the prize pools here can go above $10,000.

Lakewood Elks Bingo – Lakewood

The Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks is a fraternal order founded as a New York social club in 1868. Its Lakewood lodge is a member-only locale that is the second-fastest-growing organization of its kind in the US, situated on 1455 Newland St. On Wednesdays and Fridays, starting from 11 AM, it holds public bingo nights in the lower-level basement of its building. These games feature generous payouts and have progressive jackpots. Concerning the latter, the minimum reward per session is $1,700.

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Montrose Bingo Connection – Montrose

Located on 2075 E Main Street, this is a pretty basic-looking hall. It has green walls, fluorescent lighting, and monotonous carpeting. In all honesty, its décor gives off a very 1970s vibe. That aside, it operates Wednesday to Sunday, from 7 PM to 9 30 PM, except for Sundays when games start after 2 PM. Several American Legion posts run their events here, and on Thursdays, Knights of Columbus organize their draws at the Montrose Bingo Connection.

The Bingo Company – Arvada

Arvada bingo enthusiasts can feel some lottery excitement at 6520 Wadsworth Bypass, inside the Bingo Company, one of the city’s most famous lotto halls. Its draws occur every day of the week, except for Mondays. Doors open at different times, depending on the day in question. Seven not-for-profit organizations run their games here, including the Blue Knights, the Arvada Elks, and the Northwest Eagles. There is a pretty decent snack bar on the premises, serving drinks, sandwiches, sweet treats, and appetizers at affordable prices. Every session at the Bingo Company has a $10.00 buy-in and $1.00 per pack charge, and this spot utilizes electronic cards or portable handheld bingo devices.

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Shelly Schiff has been working in the gambling industry since 2009, mainly on the digital side of things, employed by OUSC. However, over her eleven-year career, Shelly has provided content for many other top interactive gaming websites. She knows all there is to know about slots and has in-depth knowledge of the most popular table games. Her golden retriever Garry occupies most of her leisure time. Though, when she can, she loves reading Jim Thompson-like crime novels.

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