June 21, 2024

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MotoGP star says he intentionally infected himself with Covid | More sports

MotoGP star says he intentionally infected himself with Covid | More sports

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Marco Melandri

Former Italian motorcycle racer Marco Melandri
He admitted to having contracted the new coronavirus on purpose to be “within the rules” without the need for a vaccination.

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In an interview with the MOW website, Melandri said it needed to work and that the vaccine was not a “viable alternative” – ​​in Italy, it was only treated with Corona virus disease
For less than six months or a vaccination against the disease can enter places such as restaurants, cinemas, gyms, swimming pools, sporting events and public transportation.

β€œI contracted the virus because I tried to catch it, and unlike many people who have been vaccinated, I had a tremendous amount of work to get infected. I did it on purpose to be within the rules for at least a few months,” the former MotoGP rider.

Then, when asked if vaccination wouldn’t be easier, Milanri appealed to the fake news. “Until proven otherwise, this remains an experimental vaccine with a different mechanism compared to all vaccines in the past, and it binds to mRNA. Those who get sick are much safer afterwards. I tested positive without even realizing I had something,” he said.

Italy has already approved four vaccines against Covid, two of which – Pfizer and Moderna – use messenger RNA (mRNA), which is nothing more than a synthetic genetic sequence that directs human cells to produce the spike protein, a type of crown of thorns. Covering the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.

Upon realizing the presence of this protein in the body, the immune system manufactures antibodies that will subsequently act to prevent the onset of Covid-19. Contrary to what anti-faxes usually reveal, mRNA does not alter human DNA.

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In addition, two other vaccines in use in Italy – AstraZeneca and Janssen – use a more traditional method: inactivated adenoviruses with a genetic sequence that encodes the spiky protein.

According to Melandri, the authorities are “taking advantage of this vaccine to incite them against each other.” “People are convinced that the cause of the problem is who did not get the injection, which is a very small percentage and certainly cannot influence what happens,” he explained.

Just over 20% of the Italian population does not have Covid vaccination coverage, including more than 5 million people aged 12 or over, of whom about 2 million are over 50, the age group for which immunization is recommended.

A study released on Saturday (15) by the Higher Institute of Saudi Arabia (ISS) showed that the chance of unvaccinated people in intensive care units being hospitalized is about 40 times greater than those vaccinated with the booster dose, while the probability of death is 30 times greater.

Now 39 years old, Milaneri played nine seasons in MotoGP
He was the runner-up in 2005 for Honda.