September 29, 2023

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“My son has no hands with blood like you”

Lesbia Albero Silva, the mother of young opposition member Lester Aleman Albero, said on Monday night, July 5, that six patrols with a large number of police officers had arrived at her home in Managua to pick up her 21-year-old son and that they had beaten him during detention.

“Six patrolmen came in like my son was a drug smuggler. They threw themselves and hit the gate,” Albero said. The mother said Aleman went outside to open the door of the house and at that moment they arrested him and beat him. When Albero intervened and shouted at the police, he said, “Don’t hit me because my son is not a murderer. My son has no hands with blood like you, a boy throws me there, “said Aleman’s mother.

He said his son was innocent of everything he was charged with. “I knew my son was strong and brave because I gave birth to him,” Albero said.

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Albero, 59, and Heidi Mesa, 57, the mother of other young rivals Max Geras, who was arrested Monday night, gave a press conference at the National Headquarters of the Civil Liberties (CXL) party, which both support young people.

Jerez was at home sharing with other young people when he was arrested, and was in Managua. Before being arrested, the 27 – year – old called his mother and told her: “They’m taking me today. Be strong, believe this is going to change,” the policeman said before Jerus abducted his mother.

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Aleman and Gerais are leaders of the University of Nicaragua Coalition (AUN), which is part of the Civic Coalition, a group affiliated with the CXL Party and the Allianza Ciudana (AC) with Partido Movimianto de Unidad Costina (Pamuk). Regarding the electoral process, the AC has registered as the Citizens Coalition for Independence before the Supreme Court (CSE).

Dolly Mora, a member of the AUN and living in the same house in Jerusalem, described the moment of her arrest. When he was stopped by police to verify that he had not been assaulted at the time of his arrest, Max did not object, was handcuffed and taken away, but Mora told him that Jerus told them he would not oppose the arrest.

Mora added that the arrest warrant was signed by the police and they were assured that they would not bring food to him because it would not be obtained, just like other political prisoners.

The police will not allow them to go to Chipotwa

Both mothers confirmed that they were Police said their children had been taken to the Directorate of Judicial Assistance (DAJ)Of these six presidential candidates, Managua, also known as New Chibot, has a number of opponents.

After the press conference, the mothers of the young adversaries tried to reach the new chip for the second time, but the police did not allow them, AC sources said.

On Monday night, presidential candidate and agricultural leader Mardo Myrena and three leaders of the peasant movement were arrested. One of them, Pablo Morales, informed lawyers from the Permanent Commission on Human Rights that he had already been released. This is the second time the regime has imprisoned Myrena. This first happened in 2018, when he was sentenced to 216 years in prison and later released in 2019.

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In the midst of the election campaign, six opposition presidential candidates have been arrested. Two of these are the CXL Coalition’s Official Presidential Candidates: Arturo Cruz and Juan Sebastian Zamoro, and two have expressed their desire to participate in the Coalition’s selection process: Christiana Zamoro, under house arrest since June 2, and Felix Maradiga, for the Blue and White National Unity (UNA). ) Front candidate; Journalist Miguel Mora has also been detained, as has Mardo Myrena, the first agricultural leader since last night.

Elections in Nicaragua are held on November 7, before the president, vice president, national and departmental representatives, and the Central American Parliament (Parlasen). However, in the midst of the electoral process, opponents denounced the continued harassment and persecution.