June 23, 2024

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The UK warns that Ômicron could cause more infections

Posted on 12/3/2021 2:33 PM

(Credit: Daniel Roberts / Pixabe)

Scientific Advisory Committee on Emergencies (Sage). United Kingdom, At a meeting on Friday, March 3, it was decided that the Covit-19 ரா micron variant, first identified in South Africa, could trigger a new wave of corona virus infections that are higher than previous waves.

According to scientists, although data on the severity of the disease associated with the strain are not yet available, “a large number of infections will be accompanied by a wave of severe cases” and may reduce the potential of local hospitals. According to Defender, They warned, “while vaccinated individuals (including boosters) continue to have good protection against serious diseases, a significant reduction in protection against the disease could lead to even more large-scale infections.”


Meanwhile, as Christmas and New Year celebrations approach, Norway reports that at least 50 people have been infected with Ômicron disease at a company’s recent Christmas party, which took place at a restaurant, city officials said. Sky News. The Norwegian Institute of Public Health said the victims were living in the capital Oslo and neighboring districts, but that the group had “high vaccine protection”.

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