May 19, 2024

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Myra Cardi blasts Luana Biovani: 'I cheated too, so stay calm'

Myra Cardi blasts Luana Biovani: ‘I cheated too, so stay calm’

“Luana, I didn’t like your situation. I think it was bad for you to say it this way: ‘Oh, you left the man who cheated on his wife so many times.’ You don’t have the mouth to speak of. You cheated too and also admitted that you cheated — including That said you felt guilty.”

“You’re used to building huts, and so am I. You’re used to saying whatever you want, because you’re a silly woman, you have a box, and you fight. Me too. So if you’re going to have a fight here, I’ll fight. I’ll fight for my husband too, and I’ll fight for my family too. Because those who have a glass ceiling do not open their mouths.”

“Don’t open your mouth to talk about treachery. When you betrayed Rodrigo Santoro there, I went out everywhere. So keep quiet about it. Because then your battle is not with him, because he doesn’t even know what’s going on. Fighting with me, I’m also a woman, and I’m also a mother, Which also fights and will fight for my family, okay? A kiss,” concluded Myra Cardi.

It is worth noting that in the early 2000s, Luana Biovanni betrayed her then-boyfriend, actor Rodrigo Santoro. Myra Cardi revealed, in mid-2020, that Arthur Aguiar cheated on her more than 50 times.

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