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Nacional Unimed Absorb Unimed Planalto - 08/13/2021 -Panel SA

Nacional Unimed Absorb Unimed Planalto – 08/13/2021 -Panel SA

In September, CNU (Centre National Unimed) took over the administration of Unimed Planalto, which includes 30 municipalities in Goiás and the Federal District. The new portfolio is expected to increase by R$6 million Monthly bills From the company, which expects to end 2021 with revenue of R$9 billion.

a ANS (National Agency for Complementary Health) It authorized the conversion, and the company says it could expand to other areas, as it has already done in Bahia.

The goal is to lead some cities’ headquarters to provide medical services, not just health plan operators.

According to the company that coordinates the file health insurance Unrestricted companies, contracts of 8000 beneficiaries will be maintained in the region. In total, the portfolio includes about 1.8 million clients of large national and multinational companies, as well as small and medium-sized businesses.

With Mariana Grazzini NS Andressa Mutter

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