May 20, 2024

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Regional hospital director de Gama sacked after news of ‘disorder’

The Director of the Regional Hospital do Gama (HRG), Renato de Almeida Lima, was dismissed on Friday (13/8) from the position he held at the head of the health unit. In his place, Guilherme Augusto Guerra Avelar takes charge. The exchange takes place three days later from the Federation of Physicians of the Federal District (SindiMédico-DF) Report the chaos in the hospital and request to prevent the unit To the Regional Council for Medicine (CRM-DF).

Among the problems noted by SindiMédicos-DF are a shortage of health professionals and serious problems, referred to as “indicators of avoidable patient deaths”. Renato Almeida’s resignation was published in the Friday edition of Official Gazette of the Federal District (DODF).

NS CRM-DF will conduct an examination at the Regional Hospital de Gama next Monday (8/16). According to the organization’s president, Fred Buitrago, if it turns out that HRG does not meet the minimum requirements for proper patient care, the board will close the institution.


The CRM-DF ban request was sent last Monday (8/9), after a union meeting with the DF section of the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB-DF).

SindMédico’s president warned that “the chaos in that hospital has been confirmed, including avoidable deaths”, Guttenberg Villahoe.

In the assessment of the enterprise, the situation of HRG is very serious. According to the union, the doctors asked to be released due to the poor conditions in the hospital.

According to Entity Diagnosis, there is a risk of seizures on demand without doctors or emergency specialists even to work in the red rooms.

SindMédico has also received images showing the critical situation of HRG over the past few weeks. The photo shown in this article is one that was sent to the union as a complaint.

SindiMédicos-DF has been informed of patients who have gone five days without receiving a prescription. The organization also claims that its comrades broke into the Red Room in rebellion, physically threatening the doctor on duty and saying they would sue him.


On August 3 The medical staff themselves sent a message warning of chaos In the unit of the Department of Health the document was disclosed by wide angle pole.

According to the guild, there was no effective response from Vol. The document highlights staffing and supply shortages, including the risk of cross-contamination between patients, as well as overcrowding.

For treatment during a pandemic COVID-19Recently, the unit welcomed 13 new doctors. More than half of them asked to resign, for not being supportive or enduring the terrible working conditions.

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According to the document, the unit must have a minimum of 10 doctors per shift, seven for the emergency room and three for hospital patients. Current scales have only one to three physicians for the entire HRG group.

Due to the lack of professionals, scales were put in place with the shifting of the job, the union deplores. The burden of appointments even exacerbated employee absenteeism.

Check out the entire document:

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NS capital Cities She contacted the Department of Health about the issue, but had not received a response until this report was published. If the folder wishes to show itself, the responses are included in this article.