September 24, 2023

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Near the United States? New Ford Everest discovered in the United States

Noah’s stage brother Ford Ranger, The Ford Everest Is in testing before its official launch. Page Ford Authority, Specializing in the North American brand, liked the US-tested model and with a slightly lighter camouflage, indicating that the model’s release is not far off.

The interesting thing is that the name of the camouflage model of the car is written with many polka dots. In that sense, if there is still any doubt as to which car it is, it was completely remedied by camouflage.

Some body parts are clearly visible in the model. Before, of course, the new generation Ranger is identical. At the rear, the horizontal lights have clear lenses because the piece was placed on display in the captured car.

And with no pictures of the interior of the Ford Everest, the website Ford Authority It has a large 15.5-inch screen with a multimedia center, which guarantees that it will be positioned vertically. RAM 1500 And on Fiat Toro.

New markets?

As far as it is being tested in the US, it is not yet possible to guarantee that the SUV will be sold in the United States, as well as in countries located in the North and South Territories.

Everest has always found its main market in Asia, marketed in India (named Endeavor) and other places that make up the southeastern part of the continent.

However, the continuation of the new generation Everest in the United States may suggest more than just the development of the model at Ford headquarters. The SUV has the potential to expand its operations and gain global reach to more markets in the new generation.

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Here in Brazil, 7-seater SUVs derived from pickup trucks are well-received, and even at a higher price, they may seem like a better alternative to the Everest Toyota SW4, Mitsubishi Pajero Sport.

Ford Everest saw the test in the United States
Image: Breeding / Ford Authority