June 23, 2024

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New The Witcher: Unreal Engine 5 will allow for more open world detail

New The Witcher: Unreal Engine 5 will allow for more open world detail

CD Projekt RED surprised the world last month Announcing that he was developing new the magician With the help of Unreal Engine 5. Now, here’s the studio coming up with more details Explaining the reasons why the team chose the Epic Games graphics engine for their next project.

“There was a show [do Unreal Engine, que você confere abaixo] Last year, from a place in the Middle Ages, where at some point we have some items that are very similar to things we did in the past, including the warning “monster hunters want”. I was like ‘Are they trying to tell us to move to the Unreal Engine, look how great games can look here? Was this demo made for this purpose? “I don’t know, but it caught my eye,” Jason Salama, director of the production company, commented.

“Unreal Engine is like a toolbox with a lot of functionality, a lot of solutions that actually allow you to create new things. It is also used by many teams around the world, Large binoculars are programmed to design tools, which helps to make everything more flexible and solve many issues related to the design of open worldsDirector said.

The new game the magician No official name, release date, or platforms have been revealed yet. But she says: Does using the new engine excite you? Share your message in the space below for comments.

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