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Sunday, May 27, 2018

SBSWeather003MANCHESTER – Weathermen surprised and delighted students at St. Bridget School with more than just snow days in January. WFSB Channel 3 meteorologists Scot Haney and Mark Dixon made a surprise visit to second-grade students in Eileen Carroll’s classroom on the last day of the month.

The weather forecasters were there to say thank you for letters and gifts that arrived in a basket just before a snowstorm.

After the students learned from weather reports that the Channel 3 team would be working throughout the night to predict the path of storm Benedict, they immediately wrote letters thanking Mr. Haney and Mr. Dixon for their efforts.

Miss Carroll delivered the letters and a basket full of overnight goodies to sustain the weather team through the grueling meteorological event. Soups, trail mix, and even tooth brushes and tooth paste, were included in the package.

Students were thrilled when Mr. Haney and Mr. Dixon arrived at their school to thank students for their kindness and thoughtfulness. The meteorologists answered several weather related questions, such as how the meteorologists predict the weather, what Doppler radar is and where Doppler radar is located.

Their answers were comedic and informational. Asked for his secret to predicting the weather successfully, Mr. Haney joked that he watches other TV stations that air the weather at 5 a.m. before he goes on at 5:03.

Mr. Dixon explained that Channel 3 is the only local weather station with Doppler radar and that makes them more accurate.

Children shared folklore regarding snow days with the meteorologists. Some legends involving spoons under pillows or wearing pajamas inside out weren’t new to the weathermen. But new to the forecasters was one child’s theory that an ice cube dropped into the toilet just before bedtime will ensure a snow day.

Miss Carroll quickly reminded students that, to be effective, "all of the legends say you have to have your homework finished first."

While not every classroom activity culminates in a surprise celebrity visit, Miss Carroll said she strives to connect classroom education and related activities with current events. "Measuring snowfall amounts links to math lessons, and writing letters or journaling seasonal experiences relate to language arts," she said.

Some students closed their letter with the phrase "God bless you." The letter-writing and other activities involving caring for and sharing with others are also a part of our faith, said Miss Carroll.

Mary Alice Nadaskay, principal, presented Mr. Haney and Mr. Dixon with St. Bridget School sweatshirts to keep them warm in the weeks ahead. The meteorologists gave each student a rubber ducky, perhaps as miniature harbingers of spring.