October 1, 2023

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What will happen in Animal Kingdom Season 6 Episode 9 Gethsemane

The animal kingdom’s Pope looked pretty bad on Sunday’s episode. He was as poorly as can be.

First, the cereal box and security footage gave the detective a clue. Then, after being beaten a few times, the suspect admitted that Detective Thompson was his mother. Eventually, Detective Pope confronted the officer and found out that she wanted to bring Catherine’s killer to justice.

As he pointed out, the Pope could murder her if he felt like it. They couldn’t do more than fry him once. The Pope went home, but as soon as his friends found him, they asked what happened to their high. This ruined everything by telling them that an officer knew that he would killed Catherine. Prior to this, they had never heard of any order to kill Baz’s partner – let alone doing it on Smurf’s orders.

Detective Thompson has ample evidence against Pope and now understands her motivation: justice for Belen.

The audience is made to question Shawn Hatosy’s motivations for committing the crime. Shawn Hatosy is regretting his decisions and not just for Smurf, but for himself.

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