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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Family-Day-2014-poster-rev-webDrawing by Jessica Zanca, Epiphany Parish, Cheshire

BLOOMFIELD – Archbishop Leonard P. Blair is encouraging families throughout the Archdiocese of Hartford to share a meal as a family on Sept. 22 as part of the national observance of Family Day.

“The purpose is simple but very important: to be together at table and to enjoy each other’s company in a spirit of familial faith and love, unity and joy,” Archbishop Blair wrote in a pastoral letter distributed recently.

The archdiocese has participated in the national initiative of the Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University (CASAColumbia) since 2011.

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In his letter, Archbishop Blair points out that studies show that sharing a meal as a family has significant impact on the lives of the family members, especially children. Research shows that children who eat regularly with their parents are less likely to smoke or engage in using alcohol and drugs.

“I encourage all families in the Archdiocese to participate in this national initiative. And please don’t forget to say grace before the meal, something which is often neglected these days. May our efforts be blessed, and help us to appreciate better the wonderful gift of Christian family life,” he wrote.

The pastoral letter is posted on the archdiocesan website ( along with homiletic resources, bulletin announcements, a meal prayer, poster and Prayers of the Faithful.