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Sunday, June 24, 2018

st mary kindness 4th graders 1 web jan16Some of the 28-member fourth-grade class at St. Mary School in Waterbury practice their smiles now that they are kindness ambassadors, thanks to a grant from the Margaret M. Generali Foundation that is supporting the project and the purchase of books for the school library. (Photo submitted)

WATERBURY – Third- and fourth-grade students at St. Mary School have been chosen as “kindness ambassadors,” thanks to a grant from the Margaret M. Generali Foundation.

The project involves student reading and writing, and a guest presentation by Deacon Arthur Miller.

“This school-year effort to foster kindness and thereby stem bad behavior from taking root speaks to the heart of what we are all about at our Catholic school,” said principal Joseph M. Kenny.

Mr. Kenny went on to note that although the proposal involves third and fourth graders specifically, the students will share what they learn with all 200 of their peers, and also the faculty and staff, to encourage good behavior by everyone.

“Our students are very excited about having been chosen to represent the school as its kindness ambassadors,” noted third-grade teacher Dorothy Petruzzi.

Her class and the fourth-grade class of teacher Warren Lux  already have embarked on the “Kindness Project” in their classrooms. For every true act of kindness engaged in by a student, one chip is entered into a kindness jar. The goal is to fill the jar before the end of the school year.

Mr. Kenny will remind students weekly, following morning prayers, about an act of kindness in which students can engage.

“We are very grateful to Ed Generali and those on the foundation board who thought us worthy of the grant funds to help us carry out this project,” said Mr. Kenny.

With support from the grant, the school library will get some new books on the subject of kindness.

“Our librarians, sisters-in-law Betty and Barbara Christoff, are totally on board with this project and will support it enthusiastically,” Mr. Kenny said.

St. Mary is the parish school of the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception.