June 22, 2024

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Nicaragua: dissident sentenced to eight years in prison |  World

Nicaragua: dissident sentenced to eight years in prison | World

Journalist Christiana Chamorro, who was a primary candidate for the presidency Nicaraguawas sentenced on Monday (21) to eight years in prison after being convicted a few days ago of committing crimes attributed to it by the government of Daniel Ortega, according to a human rights NGO.

Christiana, 68, will remain under house arrest, a regime she has been on since June, reports the Independent Center for Human Rights of Nicaragua (Cenidh), which has been following actions against detained opponents. She was convicted of crimes such as rights laundering and embezzlement.

Ortega wins a fourth term in Nicaragua. The United States describes the elections as a farce

The investigation of the candidate was launched by the Public Prosecution Office after the Ministry of the Interior accused her of wrongdoing in the management of the institution that bears her mother’s name (FVBCH), an organization dedicated to defending freedom of expression.

Election with all opponents arrested

President NicaraguaDaniel Ortega, for a fourth consecutive term with 75% of the vote in November 2021.

The elections did not witness any real competition: 7 former opposition candidates were arrested so that they could not run.

US President Joe Biden described the elections in this Central American country as a farce.

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