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Nintendo Switch Online: See Expansion Pricing, Games and Features |  games

Nintendo Switch Online: See Expansion Pricing, Games and Features | games

NS nintendo switch onlineSubscription service required to play online at Nintendo Switch, receives a new plan called Expansion Pack (Additional Pack) on October 25th. The news was announced Friday (15) during Animal Crossing Radio. With prices that can reach R$421.99 per year, the new mode offers access to a selection of games. Nintendo 64 NS huge engine, in addition to including the newly announced DLC from Animal Crossing: New HorizonsIt’s called Happy Home Paradise. After that, file TechAll It explains how the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack works and all its advantages.

Nintendo Switch Online offers Nintendo 64 games, Mega Drive and Animal Crossing DLC ‚Äč‚Äč- Photo: Divulga√ß√£o/Nintendo

Features and plans available

In addition to bringing all the traditional Nintendo Switch Online benefits, such as video games miscellaneous NS Super Nintendodata, data saved in the cloud, and access to online functionality, the expansion pack grabs attention by including Nintendo 64 games, Mega Drive, and Animal Crossing: New Horizon DLC linked to the plan.

In the case of the expansion package, subscribers as an individual option only have the annual plan, which costs R$262.99. If you want to share your subscription with up to eight friends, there is also a family plan for R$421.99 – or R$52.74 per person per year, if everyone chooses to split the payment. The value comes much higher than the traditional service, which costs R$100 for a year, R$40 for three months and R$20 for thirty days.

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NS TechAll I contacted the Nintendo support team in Brazil to understand how the plan update works for those who are already Nintendo Switch Online subscribers.

According to the company, the discount amount for those who already have an annual Nintendo Switch Online subscription and upgrade will be slightly different for each eligible member, depending on how much time is left on their current Nintendo Switch Online subscription. In other words, the value of the relative discount will appear to the consumer when registering for a new subscription.

Nintendo 64 games arrive as a feature for Nintendo Switch Online Add-on Pack “Expansion Pack” subscribers – Image: Publicity/Nintendo

Starting October 25, you’ll be able to enjoy a selection of nine classic Nintendo 64 games and 14 Mega Drive games. Additionally, the company still intends to add more games over time, which should be revealed in the future.

List of Nintendo 64 games:

  • Super Mario 64
  • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time;
  • Mario Kart 64;
  • Star Fox 64;
  • sin and punishment;
  • Doctor. Mario 64
  • Mario Tennis 64;
  • win over;
  • Yoshi’s story.

Mega Drive games are among the benefits of the online Nintendo Switch expansion pack – Photo: Publicity / Nintendo

Mega Drive games list:

With information from Nintendo (1And 2 NS 3)

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