June 16, 2024

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On ESPN, Messi surprises him, cites the biggest 'obstacle' he had to sign with PSG and reveals what surprised him the most when he arrived in Paris.

On ESPN, Messi surprises him, cites the biggest ‘obstacle’ he had to sign with PSG and reveals what surprised him the most when he arrived in Paris.

This Wednesday, and Paris Saint-Germain to come Lionel Messi as your new player.

after, after He holds his first press conference as a player from ParisThe Argentine ace spoke exclusively with ESPN He recounted what amazed him the most since his arrival in the French capital: the “madness” of the fans of his new team.

“It’s amazing what I’ve experienced since I arrived in Paris. People are crazy, as you can see on the streets. Barcelona She told me I wouldn’t stay, they started going out into the street assuming I’d come here (laughs). That’s what PSG and I didn’t even start talking about (laughs).”

“The truth is that all this affection is impressive. It’s my first experience outside of a club other than Barcelona, ​​and it was a very beautiful moment for me and my family. After a big hit, we are happy again and with hope it all starts.”

Messi said he was experiencing “a lot of tension” between his departure from Barcelona and the final deal with Paris Saint-Germain, as this was an unprecedented situation in his life.

“It was a very difficult moment. What I went through in Barcelona in the last few days was very difficult. Then, for a few days there was nothing, we started talking (with PSG), but there was a lot of tension, a strange situation, things that did not happen. Live it before.”

“Then, when everything was settled, things improved and a final agreement was reached. The days passed, and even when we were able to forget what had happened in the previous days, we began to look forward, with a strong desire to live this a new step,” she continued.

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According to the new Paris 30 shirt, the biggest “obstacle” he faced before signing the contract with the French was the part of the family, since his wife and two children are very fond of Barcelona and have built their entire lives in the Catalan city.

However, everyone supported his decision to settle with PSG.

“(I feel) a little bit of everything, of course. Of course it was a hard blow to the whole family (leaving Barcelona). Antonella (wife) was upset at first, but she supported her and said she was ready for anything whatever. (To impress the kids) I used the city, And DisneyEiffel Tower (laughs). But it was difficult (for the kids), especially Thiago, who is older and understands everything.”

“But PSG has a dressing room that I know, I have friends, and I know most people. It’s a very good and united group, which helped me decide to come here. The coaching staff is also Argentine. I think the place here is better than in other places.”

“We have a team to fight for Champions, which was my personal goal: to win the Champions League again. And it would be great to do that here, both personally and for the club. They have come close in recent years (to winning the cup), and we hope that it will happen now,” he dreamed.

Finally, the striker said that he still does not know when he will participate for the first time, but stressed that he is in an ideal condition to start playing when the technical staff desires.

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“Tomorrow I will start training, after I have been through all this (laughs). My family is going back to Barcelona to finish settling down and for the boys’ school to start. I don’t know when I will start playing yet. I have to start training. I am physically fine, I can start whenever they want.”