May 29, 2024

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One of the missing after a Greek ship fire has been rescued

One of the missing after a Greek ship fire has been rescued

Image copyright AFP Image caption Olympia cruise ship caught fire

Rescue teams who are still searching for 11 truck drivers who were traveling on the ferry have found a passenger who disappeared after a ferry fire broke out in the early hours of Friday off the Greek coast, rescue teams told AFP Sunday (20). a pot.

The rescued passenger is a 21-year-old who was found in the stern of the ship and from there made contact with rescuers.

So far, 281 passengers have been rescued and 11 are still missing, but according to Sky TV, rescuers said they were working to rescue between four and five people still alive.

+ Fire in a Greek ship with about 300 people on board, leaving 11 people missing

The survivor, who said he was from Belarus, desperately shouted to the rescuers: “Tell me I’m alive!” According to local newspaper Proto Thema.

Rescue teams noticed the young man on the boat when it was towed less than 3 kilometers off the coast of Corfu, Greece.

They were then able to help him get on the ladder, according to the Greek authorities.

The young man, who was dressed in shorts and a black T-shirt, managed to descend the stairs alone to reach the boat and appeared to be in good health, according to photos from Yefimerida.

The ship of the Italian company Grimaldi caught fire at dawn Friday, after leaving the Greek port of Igoumenitsa, with 290 people registered on board, bound for Brindisi, Italy.

But among those rescued were two irregular Afghan immigrants, raising fears that other unregistered passengers could be present.

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– Dangerous corrosive materials –

The Greek coast guard told AFP that the eleven missing are seven Bulgarians, three Greeks and a Turkish.

Rescuers hope the rescued passenger can provide information about other missing people who may have been trapped on the boat, from which thick smoke was still billowing on Sunday.

The young man indicated that he heard voices on Saturday, according to the ERT television network.

“I went down on all levels of the cabins below the roof, down to the last one, I heard sounds, but could not see anyone,” the survivor told Yefimerida.

Nikos Alexio, a spokesman for the Coast Guard, told ERT that authorities were “optimistic that this man was able to climb the bridge in these conditions.”

The news of the discovery of a passenger alive cheered the families of the missing people waiting at Corfu Harbor.

Italy announced, on Saturday, that its coast guard team, on alert to prevent any leakage of pollutants, discovered a suspicious spot near the burning ship, which was carrying 800 m3 of fuel and 23 tons of “corrosive hazardous products” upon its departure.

The Greek authorities began investigations, but according to several concordant testimonies, the fire may have started in a truck parked in the cargo hold.

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