June 13, 2024

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One UI 4 is coming!  Samsung reveals two teasers for the new Android 12 interface

One UI 4 is coming! Samsung reveals two teasers for the new Android 12 interface

Samsung has released two official promotional videos for its next interface, and 4 . Single User Interface, Based on Android 12. New beta releases leather It has been available to the public for some time in some countries. Recently, the company launched Third update with bug fixes and news. The final version is expected to be released in the coming weeks.

the first teaser It begins by focusing on the evolution of the interface since the release of One UI 2, passing through the comments. This leads us to the first claim, which is that One UI 4 is built according to the wishes of the users. Personalization also attracts attention, as do new widgets and a dark mode for app icons.


There’s a lot more covered, but perhaps the most surprising development comes at the end of the video, when Samsung proudly announces that it’s going to make laptops a little buzz with its One UI Book 4. As the name suggests, this one is basically a copy. Especially from One UI for laptops.

In the second video, the brand goes into more detail about the customizations made to One UI 4, as well as various photo-related tools and quick sharing with Samsung laptops. The word “ecosystem” has appeared, bolstering the South Korean company’s plans to integrate devices through the interface.


Finally, we get a glimpse of the Galaxy Watch 4 – which really extends the logic of the One UI 4 promo video. But then again, the Watch is part of this very important ecosystem, so that’s probably why it’s included.

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What are your expectations for One UI 4? Let us know in the comments!