Catholic Transcript Magazine of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Hartford Connecticut

Thursday, May 24, 2018

For the elected leader of a nation – any nation – openly to applaud an organization like Planned Parenthood, whose links to abortion are much more than suspicious, is outrageous for many reasons.

That abortion is a thoroughly barbaric act is readily recognized by at least half this nation, in terms of Revelation as well as reason.

As such it has no legitimate place within civilized, ethically sophisticated peoples. Whether it is condoned by law or not is not the primary issue; from a moral perspective it cannot be justified, ever. Since it is nothing but the direct taking of an innocent human life, it contravenes the mandate written on the tablets of the human heart, and also explicitly expressed in the Decalogue, namely, the Fifth Commandment. Moreover, its evil aspects satanically intensify when it is converted into so-called “late-term abortion” – a reality in our rapidly dehumanizing world, and obviously nothing else but infanticide.

From a neutral political view, abortion constitutes an extreme position, hence a disgraceful venue for anyone whose citizenship is statistically divided on the issue – in some surveys, the majority of respondents opposed. Thus the reported speech before Planned Parenthood can only be interpreted as insulting to half the nation, to those who value human life from conception and who believe unreservedly, confirmed by reason and Revelation, that abortion is among the greatest threats to the welfare and future of our great land, whose Declaration of Independence cites the right to life prior to liberty and the pursuit of happiness. America cannot thrive without safeguarding the lives of its most unprotected citizens, our revered unborn, whose rights are as sacred as ours.

One aspect of the talk given before members of Planned Parenthood was received as especially outrageous (beyond its totally wrong incursion into issues of morality). It was its silence about the recent trial of abortionists in Pennsylvania, where reports of abuses included charges of infanticide (i.e., “partial birth abortion”). Not to take a stand on this issue was a severe insult to anyone committed to the culture of life.