June 12, 2024

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Palmeiras cuts prices for Paulista debut tickets

Palmeiras cuts prices for Paulista debut tickets

Palmeiras fans at Allianz Park (Photo: Publicity/Ag. Palmeiras)

Tickets to watch matches Palm trees At the start of the Paulista Championships, in Allianz Park, it will be cheaper compared to the end of last year. List prices have been released this Thursday (20) and ticket sales will be available starting Friday (21).

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Ticket prices will vary between R$60 and R$130 for the game in front of Ponte Preta, on Wednesday (26th), 9:35pm, at Allianz Park. The amount is lower than the amount charged for watching the games in Brazil 2021, when tickets will cost from R$80 to R$250.

Check the table:

Price table for Palmeiras debut (Photo: Disclosure)

The lower prices were one of the campaign promises of the club’s current president, Leila Pereira, to give fans more chances to attend the stadium.

Tickets for the first Palmeiras home match at Campeonato Paulista will be on sale on the website www.ingressospalmeiras.com.br Exclusively for fans from Friday (21st), 10am (Brazilian time) and will follow exclusively until 10am on Monday (24th). After this date and time, tickets will be sold to the general public.

Verdao’s first state championship appearance takes place on Sunday (23rd), at 4 p.m., against Novorazonte, in Novo Horizonte (SP).

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