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What made the club agree with former goalkeeper Fabio Cruzeiro

What made the club agree with former goalkeeper Fabio Cruzeiro

after Seven reinforcements announced in this window of transport Fluminense He seemed satisfied, but was surprised to hit goalkeeper Fabio, who had advanced his negotiations with America MG. idol Sea tripThe Tricolor Council considered it a “market opportunity”. The switch to Rio de Janeiro was also connected with the acquaintance with Raposa.

Even having been one of the most active clubs in this period between seasons, it did not appear that the target was a concern for the flu, which already had Marcos Felipe and Morell, and there were not even names speculated for the position.

However, some factors influenced the assessment to move forward with negotiations with Fábio. First, the vision of the summit changed and the need for a “more prepared” goalkeeper began to be assessed. Amid the tight schedule, there is the possibility that Marcos Felipe or Muriel will be absent, a scenario that would put young Pedro Rangel as an immediate option on the bench – he has yet to make his professional debut.

Free in the market From the cruiseEarlier this year, the deal did not have to include immediate expenses. The experience and number of matches in recent seasons, despite being 41, were also discussed and contributed to a positive endorsement.

Fabio arrived in Rio de Janeiro yesterday afternoon (19) and said the chance to play for Fluminense was “the door that opened” on Tuesday night, “in a natural way”. It is worth noting that negotiations with América-MG and Fluminense took place on different fronts. Businessman Rene Salviano was talking to the Minas Gerais club, which had an agreement on its way. Indeed the person who took the name to Tricolor is Francis Mello, a unique agent.

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In addition to the suggestion, getting to know Cruzeiro had a huge impact on the bowler, and thus the decision to defend a club outside Minas Gerais. Wearing a Coelho jersey may cause wear and tear to Fox fans.

At Laranjeiras, Fábio will meet names he has worked with before, such as coach Abel Braga and strikers Fred and Willian Bigode.

This will be the goalkeeper’s second term in Rio de Janeiro. Between 2000 and 2004 he worked at Vasco, and became a regular player in 2002, after Hilton’s departure.

Fabio left Cruzeiro after 17 years, Failure to reach a renewal agreement With the new management of the football department headed by Ronaldo who owns 90% of SAF. In his last spell at the club, he was, for example, a two-time Brazilian champion, in 2013 and 2014, and a two-time Brazilian Cup champion, in 2017 and 2018.

In this transfer period, in addition to coach Abel Braga, Tricolor has already announced arrangements with Defender David DuartePineda’s side and Christian, the Steering wheel Felipe Melo, the sock Nathan and the Attackers Willian Begod e German Kano.