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Pantanal: Tenório was surprised to find himself face to face with an unsuitable guest: 'I decided to pay a visit'

Pantanal: Tenório was surprised to find himself face to face with an unsuitable guest: ‘I decided to pay a visit’


Father and son in fiction, Tenório (Murilo Benício) panics when he welcomes Marcelo (Lucas Neto) to his farm

Photo: clone / Instagram
Photo: clone / Instagram

In the plot of 21 hThe farmer Tenório (Murilo Benicio) He is a male goat who has kept his double life a secret for a long time: he has formed a family with her Maria Broca (Isabel Teixeira) On the farm and with Zulika (Allen Burgess) in the city. But now Tenório’s quiet life in the countryside is numbered: the couple experiences moments of tension after the non-biological farmer’s son with Zuleica, Marcelo (Lucas Neto)Unannounced access to the father’s property.

In the previous chapters, Maria Bruaca discovers the farce of her companion through a conversation between Tenório and Gutta (Julia Dalvia). upon hearing the confession, Maria Broca revolted, and in exchange for the betrayal she received, she retaliated by getting involved with her Levi (Leandro Lima).

Then the villain believes that everything is under control, But don’t count on the unexpected: Marcelo, Zuleka’s eldest son, knocks on the door of their land and the couple’s unusual meeting is surprised. Annoyed by the unwanted surprisethe farmer gasps when he hears his non-biological son say naturally that he has decided to pay a visit.

According to the information published by “Na Tellinha” in the following chapters of the plot, Tenorio continues without peace In an attempt to evade the Federal Revenue Service, Guetta advises dealing with it Thaddeus (Jose Loreto). The whole situation being manipulated by the villain aims at the wealth that the future son-in-law will have when Jose Leoncio (Marcos Palmera), Tadeo’s father, kicked the bucket. To persuade Tadeu to marry Guta, the villain promises to lead his farm to his future son-in-law.

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