June 23, 2024

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Parolin: With NATO weapons in Russia, the war will be uncontrollable

Parolin: With NATO weapons in Russia, the war will be uncontrollable

For a book presentation in Milan, the Secretary of State responded to reporters about the possibility of Western weapons being used on Russian territory: “A prospect that worries all people who care about the fate of the world.” The Cardinal affirms the Holy See’s humanitarian commitment to rescuing Ukrainian children, and regarding the Vatican’s finances, he says: “Many exaggerations, the important thing is the Pope’s effort to put things in order.”

Salvatore Cernuzio – Vatican City

As the list of countries lifting the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) arms embargo on Russian territory grows in Europe, Cardinal Pietro Parolin speaks of a “worrying prospect”. Authorizing the Ukrainian military to attack Russia with Western-supplied weapons — a hypothesis at the center of an informal summit of foreign ministers scheduled for May 30 and 31 in Prague — is, according to the secretary of state, “a war that no one can control.”

“It’s a very confusing prospect,” says the cardinal, who is in Milan, where on Thursday, May 30, at the Biblioteca Ambrosiana, he presented a book on Bernardino Nogara, the Italian banker who founded the Iori (Institute for Works). of Religion), called the Vatican Bank, “in the service of Italy and the Pope”, edited by Angelo Gallega. Cardinal Parolin did not hide his anxiety about these possible scenarios; The same concern, he says, should be felt by “every person who has the fate of our world at heart.” The risk is real.

Humanitarian commitment to Ukrainian children

As for the Holy See, in the context of the Ukrainian conflict, it continues its commitment “at the humanitarian level”, especially – Parolin explained to journalists – on the issue of the return of Ukrainian children forced to flee the country. A mechanism that began last year with the visit of Cardinal Matteo Maria Zuppi, president of the Italian Episcopal Conference (CEI), to Kyiv and Moscow “continues and does not bear fruit very quickly”. “We work in these areas and not in other places”, the Cardinal emphasized.

Bernardino Nogara, Milan – Cardinal Parolin at the presentation of a book on Italy

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European elections, an exercise in democracy

Later, responding to questions about the upcoming European elections, Parolin insisted that the Church’s position was “never biased” and that “we cannot speak for or against one or the other.” However, he reiterated the importance of “participating, expressing your voice, because it means practicing and implementing democracy”. At the same time, he said, “It is necessary to take into account the values ​​of the closest candidates as well as the Catholic sensibilities. As far as we are concerned, I would say that these are the principles that we must adhere to.

Regarding Vatican finances, many exaggerations

Finally, looking at Nogara’s image and work for the Vatican, Cardinal Parolin explains what qualities are needed in those who work for him, “a man of the Church loyal to the Pope, who promoted a new way of managing the finances of the Church.” Finance Department: “Be efficient, honest and transparent”. The Secretary of State also provided comments requested by the media on the financial status of the Vatican. If you remember that “there was a great effort on the part of the Pope to organize the finances”, “there were many exaggerations about the finances of the Vatican, I’m not saying false news, but of course. Exaggerations”.

Offerings to the Church for the welfare of the people

“I believe”, he adds, “that the work carried out by the Pope is beneficial and allows the Holy See to advance in peace, especially the faithful, even if the public situation is not apparently particularly favorable”. “Diminishing” privileges “even at the diocesan level” as is happening everywhere.

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According to the cardinal, the “recipe” means “more credibility on the part of the Church, to be reliable and to be considered reliable”. On the other hand, “the Church does a lot of good things and we cannot forget that. Also, be sure that a large portion of what is donated will benefit people.