September 28, 2023

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Tensions between US-Russia escalate, Moscow says relations between the two countries are ‘on the verge of collapse’

Sao Paulo – On Monday (21), the Russian Foreign Ministry handed over a note of condemnation against US President Joe Biden’s “unacceptable” remarks about Russian President Vladimir Putin to the US Ambassador in Moscow. According to the ministry, bilateral relations between the two countries are “on the verge of collapse”. The ministry said in a statement that the US president’s statement was “unworthy of such a high-ranking politician”. Since last week Biden has been denying the possibility of dialogue calling the Russian president a “war criminal”, among other verbal attacks. Moscow warns that “hostile actions taken against Russia” will be met with “decisive and firm rejection”.

Despite US accusations, Biden has come close in recent days to being classified as a real war criminal. On Saturday, Roskosmos, President of the Russian Space Agency, Dmitry Rokosin, retrieved the 1999 Biden report.

“I recommended the bombing of Belgrade. I suggested that American pilots go there and destroy all the bridges over the Danube,” Biden said at the time.Watch the video with the statements Here) “On the edge of his grave, this nasty old man must remember his atrocities, the thousands of civilians he killed,” said Dmitry Rokosin.

On the battlefield

According to the website Sputnik, Russian paramilitaries today expelled nationalists from the Kiev region and seized a large number of weapons and armored vehicles. Internet users in Ukraine film a rocket launch near a shopping mall in Kiev. Ukraine has consistently refused to use the area for military purposes.

This ploy proves that the forces of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky are using civilians as human shields, as they have accused Moscow. Russia demands that Ukraine declare itself a neutral state and never officially join NATO.

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Today, the European Union approves a defense plan aimed at creating an army of 5,000 troops, much less humble than the EU military proposed by French President Emmanuel Macron.

Tokyo and Moscow

Diplomatic tensions include not only the United States and Europe, but also Japan. Russia’s Foreign Ministry has said Moscow will not pursue talks within the framework of a peace deal with Japan. Our country “.

In principle, Russia and Japan are still legally at war because they did not sign any peace treaty in 1945 after World War II. Tokyo wants to reclaim the islands that the Japanese called the “Northern Territories”. Soviet Union. Moscow today rejected an agreement on collective economic activity in the islands in question.

Japan, one of America’s most loyal allies, is the only country in history to have suffered a nuclear attack today – by the Americans – who destroyed the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 6, 1945.