June 22, 2024

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votação a fazenda porcentagem

Partial percentage of the final poll

The vote to determine the big winner of country TV reality TV is in full swing, and while the grand finale hasn’t happened, it’s possible to get an idea of ​​who will take the 1.5 million R$ prize: Rico, Solange, Bell or Marina? Farm 2021 when looking at the particles. See what poll farm and percentage.

Farm Ratio Poll – Who Wins?

According to a DCI poll, which asked who should win on the reality show, Rico Melquiades leads the vote with 55.84% of the vote. This means that the pawn has the support of more than half of all voters at the gate and is expected to be the biggest winner.

Arkriban is the one who appears in the sequence. The former BBB received 34.20% of the vote and was named vice-champion, finishing second in the reality show’s potential final standings. If the result is confirmed, Bale will face the max in the country’s two biggest facts: He’s left BBB in Week Two and will finish second in the Farm Final.

Solange Gomes gets 5.64% of the vote and is in third place. Marina Ferrari, who completed the finalist team, was named favorite for the award with 4.32% of the vote in the DCI 2021 Farm poll. See the partial vote result in percentage terms, in the graph, at the end of the farm:

Who should win Farm 2021Voice: Rico, Sol, Bell or Marina

Source: DCI

Rating R7

It should be noted that the vote percentage for 2021 DCI Farm is a prediction of the bottom line. The official survey for Fazenda 2021 is taking place on R7, Record TV’s official internet portal. All sounds generated in R7 are counted and taken into account in the final score of reality.

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To vote, visit https://afazenda.r7.com/a-fazenda-13 and locate the official poll. The banner, just below the main menu, is highlighted and highlights the question “Who do you want to win Farm 13?”. After choosing the preferred participant, simply click on the image, complete the “I am human” step and press the “Vote” button. A message confirming the voting account will be displayed at the end of the process.

To participate in the voting and help determine the percentage of the 2021 Farm Final, you must have an internet connection and the process can be repeated as many times as the internet user desires.

The Grand Final of Fazenda 2021 is scheduled to be held and the official result will be announced with the voter turnout on Thursday, December 16th. The show will be broadcast at 10:45 PM (Brazilian time) on Record TV and PlayPlus. Follow the latest reality news and stay up to date on the farm’s results.