May 18, 2024

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Patients are robbed in line at a health center in Kariyasika

Photo: Publicity / Cariacica City Hall

Patients waiting for the health center’s opening hours were victims of criminals in the Itaquari district of Kariasica. In addition to taking cell phones, they also made other burglaries.

Witnesses said the center was opening around 8 a.m., when two suspects approached on a motorbike and announced the robbery. They gave in to the people who were in line and there was a lot of rush.

Those who were unable to leave, ended up losing their cell phones and other personal belongings. They said that these same criminals tried to steal a car in front of the site.

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The health unit recently started opening on Sunday, expanding the number of vacancies for vaccination and rapid testing for covid-19 virus. What no one expected was that he would go through a burglary.

sought, the health center coordination reported that another team was on duty on Sunday, so they didn’t have any information. A hairdresser who lives in the area said she saw another robbery in the neighborhood after the robbery in front of the center.

In a memo, the Kariaseka municipality informed that after the unit’s directives were informed of the theft, it requested the support of the Kariasica Municipal Guard, which has stepped up patrols in the area.

Reinforcement is still in the area this Monday (17). Town Hall notes that the unit is a reference for COVID-19 testing, which is why patients are waiting outside to avoid contamination. The unit’s management has already requested reinforcements in policing.

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Police said officers searched the area but no one was found.

*With information from Reporter Raffaella Freitas, Vitoria/Record TV