June 23, 2024

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Paula Oliveira had trouble recording 'Cara e Coragem' and reveals: 'Nobody warned me'

Paula Oliveira had trouble recording ‘Cara e Coragem’ and reveals: ‘Nobody warned me’

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Actress gives life to Bat, a stunt double, in new TV series Globo

Photo: Reproduction / Official Instagram of the TV series "face and courage"
Photo: Reproduction/official Instagram of the soap opera “Cara e Coragem”

actress Paula Oliveira One of the heroes of the new 19th TV series, on TV Globo: “Face and Courage”. Focusing on the world of erotic complications, a common function used in other literary works, Diogo Nogueira’s girlfriend revealed that he spent a Run backstage for an action scene for your characterDouble Bat stunt.

“I’ve been going downhill these days, at an outdoor event. But no one warned me they had such a great idea to do an upside-down rappel landing, and I had just finished dinner. Baby, when I turned around, I said, ‘For God’s sake, get me down!'” I feel sick!” (laughs) “on the podcast Papo de Novela, from GShow.

The actress then revealed that even after suffocating, she managed to record the scene in which she had to come down four floors of an upside-down building. In the chat, Paula recalled the adventurous spirit she had in her childhood: “I was always very tomboy, and I always made contact with more boys: it was ball, I play wrestling – which my mother hated … But, deep down, I was always too calm, and I did not give much trouble ”, He said.

Paula Oliveira He gives life to Pat, an action stuntman who is married to Alfredo (Carmo Dalla Vecchia), but is in love with her co-worker Moa (Marcelo Cerrado). The TV series “Cara e Coragem”, which premiered last Monday (30th) on TV Globo channel, has captured the audience with its plot.

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