June 23, 2024

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Paulo Sousa says Diego Alves asked to play for Flamengo after 10 days without training: "The operations are not like that" |  flamingo

Paulo Sousa says Diego Alves asked to play for Flamengo after 10 days without training: “The operations are not like that” | flamingo

Coach Paulo Sousa commented on Diego Alves’ absence from recent matches flamingo, recovering from pubic pain. The coach revealed that the goalkeeper, last Monday, even without training for 10 days, said he might be linked against Universidad Católica, this Tuesday. The flamingo He won 3-0 and the athlete got out of the relationship.

Paulo Sousa – Flamengo vs Universidad Católica – Photo: Andre Durao

– Here the operations are not like this, the players have to train. Paulo Sousa said he hasn’t trained a single day since the match against Botafogo, so that cannot be linked.

Diego Alves, of Flamengo, against Resende, on February 27, his last match – Photo: Fred Gomez

The coach detailed how the whole process has gone since Diego Alves was accused of trouble warming up the classic match against Botafogo, 10 days ago, in Brasilia. The period when the goalkeeper did not even go to the field for training.

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Every day one of my employees talks to all the players to get the sensations and understand the level of pain, muscle cramps or whether they are sleeping well or poorly. So we can adjust the type of action and actions.

– yesterday [segunda] In the morning his pain continued. In the afternoon, our physiotherapist said Diego was doing better, and that he felt able to train. If you look at what pubic pain is and how long it takes to recover, it can’t be overnight.

– Or for the meeting I had with Bruno Spindel at lunchtime. That has recovered quickly and can be available to play.

“Keep booing. It works!” Arthur says | crowd sound

Diego Alves has played only two games this season. He has not entered the field since February 27, at 2-2 with Resende. Before, he was a key player in the 2-1 win over Madureira, both of whom played for Carioca.

He lost space for Hugo, who was criticized by the fans for his recent failures and booed in Tuesday’s victory, as well as for Santos, who was signed from Atletico PR.

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