June 21, 2024

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Pedrinho receives a call from Ceni and consults with two English clubs; Know the details

Pedrinho continues to attract interest from clubs all over Brazil and abroad. Free to sign with any club due to the situation in Ukraine, had a long conversation with Rogerio Ceni, coach Sao Paulo, and also got opinion polls from two clubs in the Premier League, the English Premier League. a Corinthians He is also thinking of returning him to his homeland.

Such as sports newspaper revealed last month, Palmeiras and Sao Paulo sought the player’s crewBut now, Tricolor has ramped up its business. Ceni called Pedrinho, who is in Maceió with his family, and spoke for 30 minutes.

In the chat, he explained the chances he will have at the club and also expressed his desire to be included in the São Paulo squad. The call from the leader himself already shows the level of interest in this negotiation.

Pedriño returned to Brazil with other players, such as Maicon, last month due to the war between Ukraine and Russia. The country of his club, Shakhtar Donetsk, was invaded by the Russians and therefore the local tournaments were canceled.

Last Monday, FIFA released players from other nationalities who play in the country to sign contracts with other clubs to continue playing. In the case of Shakhtar, they will be released until the end of the year.

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Premier League clubs are looking for a player

In addition to the intensification of the matches of Sao Paulo, two other clubs have consulted with Pedrinho. The first is Everton, which includes Richarlison in the team and is led by Frank Lampard, and the other is Wolverhampton, led by coach Bruno Lage.

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The Portuguese’s name is a point in Wolves’ favor among all the clubs that have pursued Pedriño so far, as he was responsible for taking the player out of Corinthians.

Lage was the Benfica coach at the time of the negotiations, and now he will not measure the efforts the English club’s board of directors are making to recruit the midfielder.

The Premier League has already reached the final stage, with ten rounds remaining, but with a contract until the end of the year, Pedriño could do a pre-season with the club and also become an option to buy after this period.

The good relationship between the player and Bruno Lage and the language are also points in Wolverhampton’s favour.

As reported on Monday, Pederinho is working with the goal of determining his future by Friday, whether it is in Brazilian or foreign football and where exactly. The player was shaken by Lage’s suggestion, but he also wants to stay close to his family after the situation in Ukraine.

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