June 16, 2024

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Pedro lies about the unrest of the delta diversity – political parties – politics

Gustavo PedroAccording to all polls, there is a confusing characteristic that drives the voting intent for the 2022 presidential election: problems are the responsibility of others. Even when he provokes them. Faced with a storm created by doubts planted by a drill about the effectiveness of vaccines, he had the opportunity to fix it, but he not only halved it, but handed over the responsibility of what is considered to be Colombia’s peace. The media.

Therefore, Pedro did not get out of trouble because of his claims about the effectiveness of vaccines. He tried to correct himself in the last hours, but on the way he lied that his mistake was born before the silence that the press had about the mistake he had made. Delta variant.

A lie. In fact, for example, Previously allotted time
-In its digital and printed versions -Many, detailed and in-depth analyzes of this confusing form of virus.

Pedro, in an exchange on Facebook this Sunday night, admitted somewhat of his mistake.

He did it in an exchange he made with this senator on this social network. Gustavo Bolivar.

“This variant of Govt, called Delta, is spreading so far. I’m very surprised it has been published in some of the best newspapers in the world. New York Times, The Washington Post, Defender Not a word appeared in the Colombian press, ”he said.

I said: If the media doesn’t broadcast it, it’s the networks. I dedicated myself to doing a series of exercises and the result was convincing because he made a mistake in one sentence, but they got caught up in a horrible way there, ”Pedro said.

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The effects of Pedro reached a variety of situations. The social network has been described as “misleading” the Twitter leader’s ploy Human Colombia And trust the President. This means it does not allow it to reflect, comment or like.

Pedro says he wrote his exercises to warn of the dangers posed by media silence. However, when he put him in cyberspace, he generated a series of reactions, which he considered a confrontation, from where he went on to a public debate with political opponents. However, along the way, even his own children fixed him.

Nicholas I, he released a tweet in which he showed that he had been vaccinated against Govit-19. The first vaccination was given today. The vaccine saves lives, ”he said.

Her daughter Sofia responded to her father’s tweet with the following message: “Now you have to be very precise. As far as we know we will only end this if we all get vaccinated soon”.

According to early research, vaccines against the Govit-Delta virus were ineffective, Petro said.

With this in mind, Vector Munos, director of the administration of the Presidency (TABRE) of the Republic and one of the head of the National Vaccine Program, told him:

Petrogustavo is a Absolute irresponsibility Create alarms about the effectiveness of vaccines against delta variation. What after the senator? Didn’t people get vaccinated? He asked.

“The impact and benefits of the vaccine are evident in preventing hospital admissions and deaths,” Munoz argued.

For her part, Maria Paula Correa, chief executive of the Evan Duke administration, wrote to him: “Irresponsible!” He immediately argued: “Public health is not a matter of speculation. The National Vaccination Program It is progressing in an active way and the positive effects of vaccination have been scientifically proven. Do not try to create chaos! ”

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The left-wing leader, who, according to all opinion polls released so far, is the first Colombian to vote for the next president, responded:

“You are irresponsible in believing that the current health of Colombia can be avoided slowly and without real help, with the existing delta variation and partial vaccination program in our country.”

President Iván Duque further stated, “It’s everyone’s duty to get vaccinated. The vaccine is coming here, it’s free for everyone to protect themselves. They do not want to sow more chaos in Colombia“, The president insisted.