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The cheapest train in the UK will connect the capital to 14.90

The cheapest train in the UK will connect the capital to 14.90

It promises low-cost train travel in the UK from 14.90, which is less than half of the prices currently charged.

One of the most widely used modes of transport in the world literature for setting up its layers is the train, especially a Train across Europe. In Brazil we have a certain romantic light as we travel in wagons with cabins and beds, enjoying food in a restaurant wagon, and exploring the beautiful European landscapes of continental lines.

Despite being cut off from the European Union, the UK still attracts thousands of tourists from around the world. Now the country has decided to invest in a new line of connecting low-cost trains London, In the UK, The Edinburgh, In Scotland, from October 2021.

Cheapest train in the UK

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This point is important because these new electric trains, called Lumo, charge just £ 14.90 (R $ 115.00) for almost five hours, covering a distance of 630 km. Other similar lines passing through cities more connected to the European community (from Paris to Dijon in France or from Rome to Florence in Italy) would be more expensive: in the first case, the average price would be R $ 162 262 kilometers; In the second case, a ticket on a 232-kilometer route costs an average of R $ 104.00 (standard) to R $ 488.00 (1st class).

The big advantage and strong attraction of the new company is to promote more sustainable and affordable travel between UK capitals. Rail travel in the country is controversial, with high ticket prices often high on people’s complaint lists. Many believe that Lumo will start to change all that, now that the service has been launched it seems that finding a cheap ticket will not be as easy as initially expected.

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In the beginning, do Light Provides two services a day between the cities of London and Edinburgh, Newcastle and Morbeth in Northumberland. As more new trains are introduced, the frequency will increase to five journeys a day in each direction. Some services call a pick-up (north-facing) or unloading (south-facing) at Stevenage, near Luton Airport.

You Light trains – Owned by First Group, which operates Hull Trains – operates on the same track as LNER (London North Eastern Railway), the state-controlled operator that seized the route in 2018 when Lumo revoked Virgin’s rights to the government. Making its trains simpler and more economical, it offers only one class of transport and two types of tickets.

Competing with companies such as East Coast and LNER, Lumo will offer “re-imagining what it means to travel by train” and provide local catering services, as well as access to movies and box series and other TV shows. After all, the journey is long and tiring, even if the passengers are surrounded by comfort.

The inaugural Lumo service departed from King’s Cross in London on Thursday, October 21, with many special guests, including Harvey, son of American singer Katie Price – the company’s ambassador for diversity and inclusion – and Scottish singer-songwriter Tom Walker.

LNER, which currently operates two trains per hour between the capitals, sells its cheapest tickets between London and Edinburgh for around £ 50 (R $ 385.00), although train card holders can reduce this fare to 33 (BRL 254.00).

Lumo also aims to attract passengers from airlines: British Airways and EasyJet currently have more than 20 flights on each route to a total of five London airports, with fares 47 and 27, respectively. 362.00 and BRL 208.00).

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One of the key selling points before the launch of Lumo was that 60% of all simple charges would be less than 30 (R $ 231.00), with prices starting at £ 14.90 (R $ 115.00) from London to Newcastle. At the time, the company promised that all personal trips before December 1 and 2021 would cost 19.90 (BRL 153.00) or less, with a maximum of one person paying for the booking if at least one day is booked. Same date of trip £ 69 (R $ 532.00).

However, many British tourist vehicles decided to do some research, and £ 14.90 tickets are currently very hard to find. Most services will cost £ 69 per ticket for the first full week of operation, with the first cheaper option coming on November 1 – departing at 2:36 pm with a 19.90 ticket.

Some British newspapers say the new operator has far fewer trains than its state-owned giant LNER, and the new company plans to have the first train north soon. What’s more: On weekdays Kings Cross leaves London at 5:45 am for Newcastle at 8:39 am and Edinburgh at 10:10 am – LNER trains arrive 62 minutes before the first departure. Lumo’s goal of attracting passengers from airlines will also come in advance.

To the south, LNER maintains its clear edge: the only four-hour voyage of the day departs Edinburgh at 5:40 am, stops at Newcastle alone, crosses an average of 157.72 km and arrives in London at 9:40 am. At kilometers.