September 28, 2023

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Pokemon: version with jaw-dropping cell-shading graphics

Pokemon: version with jaw-dropping cell-shading graphics

Despite being very popular, the franchise games Pokemon They were criticized for the lack of news. latest version, Pokemon Legends: Arceuseven created Fetch a very diverse open world, but received complaints because of the graphics.

In an attempt to show that it is possible to bring a “freshness” to the series, one of the fans decided to make a video of the game in a simplified version. best style cell shadingwhich displays 3D images giving a 2D effect to the user Bokyogami Twitter has developed a beautiful art. This technique can be seen in games like The Legend of Zelda: Wind AwakeAnd Jinshin effect And stronghold.

Using a lot of pocket monster comics features, the video shows a Pokemon 1st generation style. Check out the result below.

Many people liked and praised the result of pokeyugami’s work. The original fan tweet received nearly 100 thousand likes, more than 1.8 comments and 24 thousand retweets.

“This is the best Pokemon fan I’ve ever seen,” said one Twitter user. “I will trade the entire franchise donkey kong One Pokemon game like this. Wonderful! Another said.

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