June 21, 2024

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Police and FBI search for future fianc கண re-influence dead in US |  The world

Police and FBI search for future fianc கண re-influence dead in US | The world

Police and the FBI reopened this Wednesday (22), the fianc மனைவிe of Brian Laundry KP Petito, Who is a 22-year-old influencer Seemed dead In a park in Wyoming, United States.

He is considered an “interested person” by laundry agents. He is wanted in a swamp in the state of Florida.

Influencer KP Petito’s body found in a park in Wyoming, USA – Photo: Reproduction / Social Networks

His fiance Petito went missing on September 11. The couple toured across the country. Laundry, the groom, returned home on September 1st.

He was last seen in the northern port city on September 14 when he left his family home. At the time, he said he was hiking in the woods.

The North Port City Police say they only knew the groom had left three days later when the family informed authorities.

A municipality police spokesman said on Wednesday that agents had returned to the area, where he was said to have gone on the trail. There are many crocodiles in the area and some areas are very difficult to cross.

Brian Laundry and KP Petito – Photo: Reproduction / Social Media

Search teams found Petito’s body Sunday in the remote area of ​​Bridger-Teton National Park.

The police district, which has jurisdiction over the park, analyzed the body and concluded The murder took placeBut the cause of death has not yet been released.

“The FBI and our partners are still committed to ensuring that the perpetrators or accomplices of Miss Petito’s death are held accountable,” said the FBI agent in charge of the case.

Pettito and Laundry left their home in New York State in the van in late June or early July. They will visit the country’s national parks and post the trip on social media.

Pettito was last seen alive on August 24 when he left a hotel in Salt Lake City. The next day she posted her last photo.

Betito’s family hopes to visit Grand Dayton National Park when they last contact her.

His body was found on the edge of the park, near the camp site.

On Monday, investigators served a search warrant on a laundry family home in Florida. They left with the cardboard boxes in the van and pulled over the car.

Suspicious text messages

Investigators cited a Aug. 27 message sent by Pettito to his mother while searching for search warrants.

In the text, Pettito mentions his grandfather by his first name (Stan), which is not uncommon. Petito’s family said the second text message was also suspicious.

That same day, a man called police and said he saw Laundry Pettito being slapped.

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