May 19, 2024

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Polsonaro seals alliance with ruling coalition in Brazil, while Supreme Court orders hearing

Brazilian Magistrate Alexandre Moraes (Photo: EFE)

Magistrate Supreme Court From Brazil, Alexandre Moraes, Including the President this Wednesday Zaire Bolzano Among those interrogated The process of spreading false news that threatens democracy.

The court itself reported on the magistrate’s decision Supreme Electoral Court (TSE) Landed In the infamous campaign unleashed by the far-right leader against the electronic ballot boxes used in the elections in Brazil for more than two decades.

The investigation into the addition of Bolzano began 2019 Limited to spread Fake news Via the Internet, but two months ago he began to focus on the possible existence of those classified as groups.Anti-democratic digital”, Often from the extreme web of ruler-led.

Jair Bolzano with Ciro Noguira (Photo: Bloggers)
Jair Bolzano with Ciro Noguira (Photo: Bloggers)

Meanwhile, the Brazilian president was sworn in as senator on Wednesday Ciro Walnut As Minister of the President, the most important post in government, and He thus closed his new coalition with the moderate right to control parliament.

Ciro Noguera’s visit with the government demonstrates that we want to deepen our relationship with Congress“Because the executive and the legislature should be a single power,” the far-right leader declared, until rejected by several moderate forces represented by the new minister.

Noguera acknowledged that he had accepted a very influential position in government.Difficulties, intensification and much criticism“And” when the world is hard, the economy, the truth, the people, Brazil and Politically difficult “

Brazilian Parliament (Photo: EFE)
Brazilian Parliament (Photo: EFE)

In a distant message from the extremism that Bolsanaro himself usually leads, Noguera saidThere is no left and no other right vocabulary“Otherwise”Problems to be faced in Brazil“And decide for the good of society as a whole.

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He also pointed out that one of the tasks of the government is now.Lead the country to elections“Plan for October 2022 and do it”Exactly“, Without any reference to the suspicion that Paulsonaro himself sowed the seeds of the electronic voting system in the country. According to the ruler, it encourages fraud, however he did not present evidence to substantiate that statement.

Noguera replaces the general of the place Luis Eduardo Ramos, Onyx occupied the Presidential Secretariat in place of LorenzoniWho went missing and captured the Ministry of Labor in Bolsanaro It was decided to re-establish in the midst of this new cabinet reform.

From his new position, Nokuira will control all sources of power from his position It is a kind of cabinet head, with direct influence over the rest of the ministries.

Noguevara leads the Progressive Party (PP), one of the so-called most influential forcesCentron”, A diverse group of organizations from the center and perfect It controlled parliament for three decades and has since participated in all the governments the country has had, including the most progressive.

During the administration of former presidents Fernando Henrique Cardoso (1995-2003) the “Centron” parties guaranteed power at various times. Luis Inacio Lula da Silva (2003-2011) and Dilma Rousseff (2011-2016), and They were also important in the latter fall, and they gave up in favor of ousting him.

When Bolzano took power in January 2019He did so without taking into account the group that described itOld politics“And related Corruption, But in the middle of last year, As his popularity began to decline, he began to offer seats in government.

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The main purpose of the President with this movement was publicly acknowledged by some members of the government It blocks the path to about 120 impeachment claims sought by the opposition in the House of Representatives, which decided the matter and is controlled by “Centron”.

(With information from EFE)

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