June 21, 2024

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Sol y Playa Condominium will challenge stopping the construction of its swimming pool

The board of directors of the Soul O’Brien condominium announced on Wednesday that it would challenge the decision to disable the setting up of a swimming pool a few meters from Almentrose beach in Ringon.

Through a statement, the company promised to go to the relevant forums to change the decision.

“We do not even have the opportunity for the proper process of the law to prove the legitimacy of our permission. It is contradictory to establish that the Planning Board, through the voice of its legal adviser, seeks to revoke one of the permits which it acknowledges to be valid.Read the written statements issued by the Board.

Read the expressions:

“We reaffirm that obtaining permission to rebuild the area complies with all parameters of the law and regulations, as approved by the DNER and Permits Office,” he added.

This morning, the Planning Board (JP) Issued a resolution This disables construction work in the maritime-territorial zone because the permit obtained for construction was granted “in ultrasound mode”.

Document signed by the President-elect of JP, Image by Manuel Hidalco Rivera Placeholder, Warns that any party affected by the suspension and dislocation should be given 20 days to reconsider from the body.

The controversy began in early July with several demonstrations condemning the use of permits from condominiums.

Initially, Macharko Maldonado ordered the construction to be halted, ordered by residents of the Sol y Playa condominium, but hours later Edited the document To reflect that the order is limited to the area outside the closed space.

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